Wednesday, February 16, 2022

VOTE Please - Graphics Team Member #atozchallenge

We have two wonderful contenders. Please cast your vote:

Contender 1

  • Has done the challenge (2, 3, or 4 times)
  • Creates graphics for a living
  • Uses Facebook and Twitter, and might create an Instagram for us
  • Wants to act as a full-fledged team member, creating posts and whatnot
  • Is willing to create merchandise (shirts and such) 

1A 1B

Contender 2

  • Has done the challenge more than 5 times
  • Is a graphic designer who also designs other things
  • Not into social media
  • Would join us just for graphics
  • Would allow the team to create merchandise (but not do it themself)

2A 2B 

Each has presented us with two possible graphics for the 2022 challenge. Please cast your vote for the contender of your choice, and the badge (A or B) you prefer. 



Birgit said...

I don’t have a beard and I’m a gal so I say no to the first and like the 2nd more especially the blue one.

Adam Dickstein said...

I prefer the 2nd Contender in blue. The first one is just odd with the person on's not about a person. It's about an annual A to Z Challenge.

Anstice Brown said...

I think they're all great but contender 1's design is a fitting tribute to Jeremy.

Trusted Ayurvedic herbal Products Manufacturer in USA said...

I have some blue color shape. and I prefer 1st one. Great way to approach. Thx

Red said...

Contender 2, as gender-neutral. I like either color scheme, but pushed to choose I chose the green and red one. If the challenge was in a winter month, I'd probably choose the blue. Is that weird? Colors = months to me.

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

I like the idea of a tribute toe Jeremy, but I don't think the logo for the A-Z challenge is the rigth place for it.

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