Saturday, April 23, 2022

#AtoZChallenge T is for Tomorrow

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The team's theme of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year is:

So, what are you going to do tomorrow? It'll be Sunday, so you won't have to do an A to post. So what will you do instead?

  • If you haven't finished all your posts for the month (like I haven't), maybe you'll want to finish off U through Z and be able to coast this last week.
  • Maybe you'll want to visit some of the new bloggers you've heard from, or some from the signup sheet that you haven't visited yet.
  • Maybe you have other blog posts to do for the week, or other writing that you've put on hold while the challenge was going on.
  • Maybe you have family obligations, or things you have to prepare for the work/school week. Sunday's a big day for that. When I was working, more often than not I'd be flying out to a client site on Sunday.
  • Or, maybe you just have it in mind to relax. Watch a ballgame or a movie. Listen to music. Visit family or friends, or have them over to your house. Have a cookout.

Whatever you have planned for the day, enjoy it! We're on the home stretch!

How do you plan to spend this Sunday?

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Dino said...

Tomorrow I will mostly be finishing off my last few posts.

Today's post: T Is For TKO

ladyleemanila said...

we're cycling to the park tomorrow :)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

If it is nice then yard work and gardening!

Tim Brannan
The Other Side | The A to Z of Conspiracy Theories

Susan Sanderson said...

I hope to be singing in the church choir tomorrow, John, having missed two weeks through illness.

Frewin55 said...

I will certainly complete Monday's post and then try and catch up with visiting other sites...

Jamie said...

Celebrating my anniversary!

Gonz said...

Today and tomorrow are Tiamat's day... actually, everyday is Tiamat's day.

Crackerberries said...

Howdy and Happy weekend.
I sure hope tomorrow can be a relaxing day but highly doubtful. There is always so much to do . Whatever I'm not able to complete on my to do list today I'll try to finish up tomorrow. Trust me when I say I'm going to do my best to complete the tasks at hand. How do you like all those T words?

Enjoy your Time today.


Marcy said...

Tomorrow morning is set aside for church. In the afternoon I hope to work on some genealogy research or scanning photos and checking out some new blogs.

kaykuala said...

Tomorrow never comes


Cheryl said...

Tomorrow is Orthodox Easter, so I will be cooking and enjoying our family. Luckily, I finished my posts for next week already. It has been nice visiting other bloggers this month.

Pradeep Nair said...

Tomorrow is about looking ahead ... That's so important in the journey of life. ...

My post is about Thunder ... Loud sound puts me off, generally. One exception: thunder.

Read about it: T = Thunder

Afshan Shaik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Afshan Shaik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Afshan Shaik said...

Sunday is for rest and also for leisurely reading some missed out posts! A to z has been an enriching experience!

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, reading and commenting and thanks for featuring my post on a toz FB page! I would love to do a guest post , however if my T post deems fit pls feel free to publish whenever it is apt!

Also i just wanna bring to your notice that am facing issues with a to z Fb page...till 3 days back i was able to post on threads there , like, everything is blocked to me. I can only see posts..i saw that u featured me there , when a friend replied. Some how my access is blocked there which is weird..i mailed about this to a to z team and also messaged on insta. I request to check my msgs and help me in resolving this if possible? One of my frnds also msgd on the fb page

Thanks again for featuring on the FB page

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

It's Sunday and I'm finally getting around to doing Saturday's work... Sigh.

Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: T

moondustwriter said...

Tomorrow is today!!
writing writing and editing.

Time Portal

2 gators said...

today's post is T for tractor (stormed all weekend and do not turn on computer while storming