Wednesday, March 1, 2023

2023 Calendar #AtoZchallenge


March 12- 18= Theme Reveal
March 26- April 8= 2023 Master List sign-up
May 1-6 = Reflections
May 15= Road Trip

Participant Badge

#AtoZChallenge 2023 badge
Change the * height="250" width= "250" * numbers in the code to suit your needs. As long as both numbers match, the image remains square.

The team's theme for the 2023 A to Z Challenge is RESILIENCE.

Our bloggers have adapted to new circumstances, many having persisted through tough times in and outside the blogosphere, and have transformed and revolutionized their blogging skills to be here with us this year. We praise the fortitude it takes to run a successful blog (whatever qualities you consider a success) in 2023 and are grateful for each participant in the
April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
Our new (anonymous 🥔) graphics person hopes you'll enjoy the image of the resilient tree on the 2023 graphics. 


Janet said...

Not sure I'm thrilled with the graphics. The placement of the wording seems off to me (the parts in the tree), but I'm still looking forward to participating if I can get my act together.

Holly Jahangiri said...

Same. But it looks like the words are perched in the tree. And if they WERE mylar balloons (which is what they look like) the poor tree had better be "resilient." The square graphic is better than the header; I think the header got squashed, so it's more disproportional. :) I like the tree and background a lot - I just wish it didn't have all the "mylar balloon letters" stuck in it.

Crackerberries said...

Howdy, so looking forward to this and have some big plans if I can pull it off. Can't wait to catch up with everyone. Has it really been a whole year already?


Linzé Brandon said...

It's been a while since I last took part, and am looking forward to doing it again. So here is to another AtoZ!

Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to it! I agree with the comments on the Participant Badge. I hope the Winner 2023 badge doesn't match! Of course, it's hard to please everyone, and I hate change!

Jamie Ghione said...

I'm in again. This will be my third. The graphics are a little weird, I agree. I'm now winding what the letter badges will look like. Can't wait to see what other come up with when the theme reveal begins next week.

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to the A to Z in April… even though it’s a little hectic.

Luccia Gray said...

I love this year's badge with the resilient tree! I've taken part, on and off over the last seven years. I'm excited to take part this year. Thanks for the prompt and the organisation! Good luck to everyone!I hope to see you all on our blogging journey xx

dMarie Michael said...

I'm looking forward to the challenge this year. I used to dabble in it years ago.

I commend the anonymous creator of the badge for stepping up when maybe no one else would.

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. said...

Happy to visit and note the calendar. Made the list of blog posts ready for the challenge. Shall start creating the blog posts and schedule them. Thank you.

A to Z of Industrial Engineering

J Lenni Dorner said...

Additional badges are now available.

Holly Jahangiri said...

Oh? Where? 😊 said...

Hi there
I am so excited for the A to Z challenge.

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