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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

May The Force Be With You! #atozchallenge

It's official.  Today marks Day 13 of 26 for the A-Z Challenge.  We are half-way, and I would venture to guess that if you're still reading this, then you haven't given up, and are in this thing for the duration.

KUDOS to you!  It's not easy.  There's a lot to balance, a lot of blogs to visit, and (we hope) a lot of comments to return because you've been out there spreading The Force of your amazing participation!

So here's my advice for the day.  Use The Force, Luke.  Clear your mind of all distractions.  Focus on your objective.  Let The Force guide you.

Not a Star Wars fan?  That's OK.  We can still be friends.  What I'm talking about is letting the collective energy generated by thousands of bloggers still at this give you energy, and purpose, and stamina, and drive to see it through.  Don't try to go it alone.

If you're feeling like quitting, contact a blogging buddy, a co-host, a minion (boy do we love our minions!) and reach out for help.  Some of you remember Leia's plea, "Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope!" Send a distress signal to a friend.

You CAN do it.  You've made it this far.  It's not J any more, but I'm also quite fond of the movie "Finding Nemo", so even though it doesn't fit alphabetically here, I will also say, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

One day at a time, one post at a time.  The Force, and this community, will be with you.

~Tina, fond of quoting movies, and ready to give you a pep talk if you need one.  See contact tab for my email.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

J ~ Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

This post will be short and sweet because I just discovered no one wrote a J post. So as a co-host awake early, I'll just jump in. We do that. Don't be surprised if you come back and it's the real J post – we do that too.

When I discovered this, I immediately thought of Dory. I LOVE Finding Nemo, it's my 2nd favorite animated movie. Can you guess which one is my favorite? Swedish chick, from Scandinavia, proud of her heritage...How to Train Your Dragon!

However, it doesn't have my favorite line in it:


Dory had an amazing attitude throughout. She was cheerful, helpful, positive, and never gave up. No matter what happened, she


No matter what has happened to you or your blog so far in the Challenge, it's behind. Adopt Dory's attitude, and starting from here:


You've got nothing to lose, friends to gain, and we're nearing the half way point. Dory never knew how close they were or if they were going to succeed. That never stopped her. Don't let mid-challenge ANYTHING keep you down.

~Tina, Fierce Viking Chick, and co-host