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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On The Cyber Road

I took some time to go on the Cyber Road today and scoped out some sites that I hadn't visited before. These are aimed at writers still seeking publication or who have already published and are now looking for help with becoming more than a tiny blip on the Reader Radar.

Writer's Edit.

Resources for Writers
Book Reviews
Writing Jobs Online
Opportunities for Writers: Writing Contests

Jane Friedman
Dedicated Link:

This was a hoot! You can actually buy or get some "free" apps to help you as a writer.
Mark Twian, Victor Hugo, Will, you dudes missed out.

Evil Editor

Want to see why you're not published? You might check out this site and offer up your tender prose to scrutiny.

Write To Done

I perused the site and found this article the most interesting. It's all about promoting yourself on LinkedIn--something I've neglected.

Have a great Cyber Road Trip! And Mario the Muse sends his best, but still likes "REAL" road trips the best.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Building Your Blog Readership Through the #AtoZChallenge

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      Some of the best blog topic ideas come from you the readers.  Today's post comes from an inquiry I received from a participant on the LinkedIn thread Show Me Your Website.

        Daron Henson, who blogs at Daron Henson--Freelance Writer, asked:
Do you know the groups that are specifically tailored to showcase our writing and our websites?
I am looking to expand the readership of my blog.
         Here is the answer I gave him:

          I'm really not that familiar with the LinkedIn groups.

         My best suggestion is time-consuming but it does work if you work it right.

         Establish yourself in blogging circles and focus on those that deal with writing.   You must visit other blogs and build up relationships (blog friendships) with the bloggers.  Eventually, if you've done your job right, you will have loyal followers who will visit you and be willing to comment and help you with your work.  The other blogs will have great information to share as well.

         Once you have started exploring the blog communities, start looking for blogfests and contests.  Many sites offer opportunities for you to share your writing with others,  Just remember, it is a give and take thing where you need to read a few stories and comment on them in order for others to be willing to reciprocate with yours.

        Until you have become a huge success where readers are flocking to your works, you will have to do some networking which involves a lot of interaction.

        Also, consistent quality posting is a must.  You should develop and adhere to a blogging schedule so readers come to expect something at specific times just like they would anticipate the arrival of a favorite magazine or turn on the TV at a designated time to watch a favorite show.  Presence on the web requires regular visibility.   Not every day in my opinion (except during April of course!), but at least once or twice a week.  Regular posting will be good for you as a writer as well.

        These are a few of my tips.  For another angle you may want to consider the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.   You can really build up a big following and readership if you play this the right way.  Website at:

Good luck!

         The April A to Z Challenge is not only an ideal way to extend the reach of your blog and expand readership, it's a challenge designed to make you a better blogger and writer, instilling greater discipline in writing.  You will improve your habit of posting with regularity and coming up with unique and solid content.  The networking opportunities are valuable.   And in addition to these reasons, the A to Z Challenge is great fun.   Sign-ups begin on Wednesday January 30th.  Be sure to be a part of this year's A to Z!

       See Shannon's post on this site tomorrow for some more great blog building tips.

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