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Monday, April 23, 2012

A to Z Post - T by Matthew

This post is brought to you by one of the April A to Z Challenge co-hosts: Matthew MacNish.

I think next year we're going to do these posts a day late, so that we can consider featuring the best posts we read the day before.

Anyway, for now I'll just be mentioning some awesome things that start with T, followed by one blog post from a participant I know you guys will love.

Titans - they're really tall.

Tartan - slainte!

Theater - movies and plays.

Tetris - from Russia with fun!

Toll Booth - phantom ones, not real ones.

Trains - choo, choo!

The Triple Option - it's an offense in football, run by Georgia Tech.

And now, let me point you to a blogger whose posts for the A to Z Challenge I've been enjoying very much. Joe Lunievicz has been going with a Greek theme, and his post for today, T is for Tartaras, is a great one.


  1. Don't forget Two-hour delay - which is what I have this morning for my teaching Monday due to weather. Hoorah.

  2. time-out would be great too! hmm wonders... can one put one's self in time-out?

    Oh, well either way gotta love Titans and Tetris!

  3. Thinking of next year already?????

    Good post.

  4. Oh! I obviously haven't been exploring enough, I didn't know all you creators of A-Zness were doing this - in fact I only found your blogs here at the top yesterday! Clearly been spending too much time replying to comments, clicking on the list, writing my blog, illustrating my blog and writing poems for my blog...

    I really enjoyed the link blog.

  5. Tartan yeah! good idea to feature the best for each letter a day later.

    Hopefully I'll still be around for next year!!

  6. Nice, Matthew. Loved Joe's post, thanks for the tip!

  7. T is for Theater Festivals: America's Sweatshops at Main Street Arts

  8. that's an interesting idea--i think i would like to do this another year--but sorry for offering my unsolicited advice--but i wish it were in january of feb--when not much is going on in my life ;)

  9. Having grown up watching the Sooners and Cornhuskers battle every year, "triple option right" and "triple option left" will never leave my vocabulary.

  10. I like the idea of a recap from the previous day. I just know that I'm missing some great matter how hard I try to visit as many as possible.

  11. In the late 80s I was addicted to Tetris. So it was all a communist plot?

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    An A to Z Co-host blog
    My Main blog is Tossing It Out

  12. Unfortunately, Tartan only ever reminds me of The Bay City Rollers!

  13. I am with Arlee: Tetris and Communism? Sigh...oh well, I will continue to play if I can. lol
    Good to "meet" you.
    ~Naila Moon

    PS>I am thinking trees today if you want to come by.

  14. And T for you guys are almost THERE! (as in done... get it?) ;o) <3

  15. What ...
    No Tiramisu???

    I managed to find Joe's site before your recommendation - Kismet

  16. Tell Georgia Tech to keep practicing! (Just kidding.)

  17. Big fan of The Phantom Tollbooth! Did you hear them talk about that book on the TV show "New Girl"? The guy shortens words, and called it, "PhantomT".

  18. Titans, tartan, and Tetris! Triple play!

  19. @ Alex - Hah! They didn't do too well last year, did they?

  20. Thanks for the link to Joe's blog - enjoyed that!

  21. It would be cool to see those roundup posts on the A to Z Blog. Nice list for "T." I like riding TRAINS and recently went to see Wrath of the TITANS at a local movie THEATER!

    Blog: The Madlab Post
    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  22. Yay for Theater! I'm such an arts nerd. :)

  23. Sipping on my "Tea" enjoying you post as well as others... happy A-Zing!

  24. Tetris! Yah!

    Also, I read the triple option as an offense to football, until I read it again realized you were talking about a football move.

    Sonia Lal @ Story Treasury

  25. Tartan!
    That means it's time for a dram.

  26. Out of all these, I like the choo choo train the best :-)
    One of the oldest mode of transport and the best.

  27. Dear Stephen,
    Great "T's" indeed. I keep thinking about "thoughts" of love...

  28. T is definitely for Tulips!!! or maybe Two Lips or 2's Company, or THree is a crowd...all T Thanks for the post..may have to join in ....I think I did this a long time ago! SMiles, Maria from Seattle.

  29. I see we're still on "T". I did a brief "U", and went on to "V".

    "V" is for A Tap Dancing Vagina on Main Street Arts

  30. Cool T words... I can't decide which I like best- Tartan or Theatre!!

  31. fun, you've now reminded me to play one :)


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