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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is all about YOU!

Before I go any further, How are You?  Having fun with the challenge?  Are you ready to fall over and take a week long break from blogging?  (I know I am!).  Never before have I posted so many days in a row and with a theme!   It's hard.  Especially when I jumped in with three participating blogs!  But anyway, this post isn't about me.  It's about you!  SO. . . I am gonna give you a few 'YOU can keep going' quotes! :) 

'Every great dream begins with a dreamer. 
Always remember, you have within you the 
Strength, the patience and the passion to 
Reach for the stars to change the world!'
~ Harriet Tubman

'Believe in yourself and others will too!"

'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean *you're lonely when you're alone
What doesn't kill you makes a fighter, 
Footsteps even lighter,"
~ Kelly Clarkson (Stronger)

If you have the want, and the will, you have a way! 

Good luck with the rest of the challenge!  I look forward to reading the last of the A to Z posts and continuing with the Reflection posts May 7th! 

*The lyrics here are changed from I to You.  (I told you this post was all about YOU) :) 


  1. A LOT of fun this has been, but sooo tiring! Looking forward to a blogging break...

  2. No time to make the Y post today... I have a looooooong day of work tomorrow. Y will show up sometime Sunday, and it will be about the Yanomamo Indians in South America. I'm looking forward to TUESDAY!

  3. I'm not going to say much here because I want to save it for a reflection post. however, I will say that it's been a lot of fun and I'll definitely be joining in again next year!

  4. Yes, I have been having a blast (for the most part) with the Challenge! This is the first time I have blogged with criteria, so it has been . . . a challenge!

  5. Great qoutes,
    I am catching up on my commenting from yesterday as I had a well deserved evening out,


  6. Only one more to go. Seems like we just started yesterday.

  7. yes it has flown by--i shall never forget this experience <3

  8. Now for a couple of catch up days to do as visiting as I can before Zed comes to town.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  9. Challenge was the right word! I have learned so much this past month and again, thank you to all the editors who made smooth transitions possible and of course, the internet.

  10. Still having a great time! :)

  11. I'm beginning to tire now, yet I can't stop clicking on all the wonderful sites. This has been a mind expanding experience.

  12. Good quotes! I like the Harriet Tubman one the most and find them all useful, in the order they're in. Me, you ask? I'm enjoying getting into the habit of posting more frequently than I usually do. I doubt it would have been as smooth if I had multiple blogs to manage. It would probably drive me bonkers, lol.

    Blog: The Madlab Post
    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  13. Y is for YAY this has been so much fun! Can't believe there's only one letter left.. Better make it a good one :)

  14. It has been challenging, fun, interesting, but most importantly I have loved the opportunity it has brought to find interesting blogs and have them find me!

  15. Yippee! One more day, and I've completed the challenge!

  16. Well done for getting there! A mammoth effort to post every day! Have a good rest - you deserve it.

  17. This has been great fun! I will do it again next year :)

  18. Thank you for the motivational quotes to wrap up the challenge. I think we all feel like taking a deep breath but, at the same time should be feeling like a good habit has been formed. Group hugs to everyone that has made it through and plan to do this again.

  19. Nice inspirational quotes...thanks! This has been loads of fun and I will definitely do it again next year. I sure am ready for a few days away from the computer though. :)

  20. Yes - thanks for the motivation and the 'you go!' sentiments.
    Been exhausting, but worth it to get my brain around topics to write.
    Also been great to meet some other bloggers out there in the blogosphere.


  21. I think the hardest part of the challenge is finding time to visit other blogs. I'm finally catching up and going back to say "Hi" to people like you who visited me in February.

    Catch My Words

  22. I have throughly enjoyed myself! Reminded me of my days back on AOL Journals when someone would get a big meme going. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  23. I feel stronger, but definitely more tired.

  24. I already blogged every other day prior to this challenge, and I have posts ready to publish (if blogger's publishing ever works again) for most of May.

  25. And it's all because of you. Will publish a "Reflections" post on Tuesday.
    Blessings, Geoff.

  26. So clever! I amazed myself. That's all I'll say for now.

  27. Just got my Y and Z posts in on Main Street ARts.

    Z is for catching some Z's.

  28. Aren't YOU clever? Ha!

    It's been a blast, this A to Z thing. Wonder what we'll do next year.


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