Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Challenge Participant Special - Marta Szemik

Today’s special Challenge participant feature is Marta Szemik! She’s the author of several books and just a really cool person. Her theme for the Challenge was “Changes Throughout History.”

A BIG Thank You to the A-Z Team for hosting me:)

What made you select the theme of changes through history?

I'm fascinated by what humans have accomplished in the past century, but honestly, the idea just dawned on me one day. Sort of like when you're writing a story and something clicks. I think I may also have been listening to one of my favorite songs by Ozzy & Kelly Osbourne "Changes".

What topic was the most fun to research?

Have you seen my post on the letter "O" titled: Oooo Yes, the Big O! Yes, I had to do some research for that one. I also liked my post for "C": Cell Phones. I still find the cases people used to carry as phones funny and yes, I do remember the days (as a kid).

What changes surprised you the most?

I don't know if I can pick one, but almost anything to do with advancing technology blows my mind away. I remember rolling my eyes at my dad in the 90's when he told me he didn't know what email was. His response was to wait 20 years and see if I'm up to speed on technology them. Yes, he was right.
I think because of my fear of flying, I would have to also say that airplanes always surprise me. Physics is a wonderful science to allow gazillions of pounds of metal to fly in the air.

You had fun finding all the pictures that accompanied your posts, didn’t you?

Yes, Google images was my friend for over a month. Ahh, the things I've seen! Internet is a scary place to be if you let it lead you to places you shouldn't be at. I know how cautious I will be when my kids turn to teenagers.

Why was J so challenging?

It still is challenging. Really, the only thing that comes into my mind are Jackets. Also, Jelly beans and J-walking, though it would be difficult to talk about the history of those. I guess Jokes would have been a good one, but I tend to not be funny when I try to joke on the spot. Like, right now... What do you call that? Online fright instead of stage fright? (See what I mean?)

For G you selected games – what are some of your favorite?

Non electronic: Any games with a jump rope like Double Dutch.
If we're talking electronics: Tetris and Pac Man. I still play Tetris on Wii. Recently I compete against my kids on Wii Sports (but I do let them win). I love the obstacle course and try to beat my own score which is really hard. I get addicted to beating my own scores.

Can you tell everyone why you think teleportation would be cool?

Ok, disclaimer first: IF teleportation did not disintegrate my body into goo and mush it would be my first choice for travel because I hate flying. I'm one of those people you don't want to sit beside on a plane.
Also, think about the time saved! You could travel across the world in seconds. But, what if there was a computer glitch or someone hacked into the device (like an ex)? Next thing you know, you're on Mars or sleeping with the lions at the Zoo!

If you do the Challenge again next year, what them will you tackle next?

This was my first year doing the challenge and I'm pretty sure I'll do it again next year. Spring time will be around the time I will be preparing to release a mystery series I started two years ago so I may do flash fiction that combines into a short story as a prequel to the series. I've seen other participants do that and it really intrigued me. I've never done anything like that before and I think it would be fun.

Thank you, Marta!

Co-host Ninja Captain Alex is the author of CassaStar and CassaFire and his blog can be found HERE


RaveAir said...

Interesting post!

I'm a little bit curious if she has Hungarian relatives or not.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I missed this blog in the A to Z I must have a look............ I still have not made it to all of them, but posting everyday too is hard work on top of working.

I tried to be cool too. But only managed it in the end by sitting in the refrigerator. Although someone kept turning the light off every-time I shut the door......

Marta Szemik said...

Zoltan - none that I know of. My great grandfather was Hungarian, but that's as far as I know the roots on that side go:)

Rob - Planning ahead made it a bit easier. I had more than half posts ready before the challenge. For the rest, (not all) I had at least a topic ready.

Ciara said...

Great post. I enjoyed the interview. I remember this from A-Z. It was great!

Tina said...

Great post guys! I wish I could slow down time during April and get to all the fantastic blogs out there everyday. As a co-host, other issues kept me hopping and it was darn near impossible to get my daily duties done. BUT, I'm enjoying the road trip. However, at the rate I'm pedaling my little convertible, it doesn't look like I'll make it around to everyone before the work begins for 2013. I just keep telling myself, "Well, that's five more blogs than you had yesterday, just keep going." A house full of teenagers and the business of summer leaves me with barely enough time to throw a post up a couple times a week. I admire those like you who seem to find the time to do it all.
I also love Wii sports with my kids. They can't beat me at rhythm kung-fu or the one where you go down the stream without popping the bubble, but they KILL me in the snowball fight. Everytime.
Tina @ Life is Good
Post A-Z Road trip!

Marta Szemik said...

Thanks Ciara!

Tina, I think it only appears like we find time to do it all, at least on my part;) I had to re-prioritize lots of stuff the past 6 months and still, 24 hours seems like 1. Yes, my kids kill me at the snowball fight too.

Andrew Leon said...

Okay, going off to look at some of those posts...

Sherry Ellis said...

I wish I could teleport too, without turning to goo!

Great job on the post!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Marta, thanks again for letting me interview you.

Marta Szemik said...

Andrew - Enjoy!

Sherry - Thank you!

Alex - It was my pleasure and thank you for the opportunity, your attentiveness and great questions :)

Unspoken said...

Hey, Alex, I decided to visit your other blog today :).

Great interview. Technology has me afraid and excited. Twenty years from now... who can imagine?!

Nicki Elson said...

Hooray for teleportation! That's my first choice as superpower. Hmm, maybe in 20years someone will be blogging about that monumental change in history? Very clever theme...though I'm kinda still stuck in disbelief that the 90s were 20 years ago!

klahanie said...

Oh my, your thoughts on teleportation. Never mind ending up on Mars, you might end up on Uranus.

I reckon it must really tickle when you get beamed. Imagine this in a future possibility. You get teleported from one place to another and the tingling sensation makes you giggle. Then you realise you've landed in the transporter chamber of the Starship Enterprise. You stop giggling and finally compose yourself. It makes me realise that the expressions, "in bits", "beside yourself", "shattered" and "all over the place", are going to be somewhat literal in the space adventures of tomorrow. And yep, teleport your kids cause you "love 'em to bits!"

Anyway, enough of this. Superb interview and gosh, so many folks bringing further awareness of the alphabet!

My best wishes to you Marta and our buddy, Alex. Happy writing. I'm outta' here...
Gary :) said...

nice review about cell phone

Marta Szemik said...

Thank you everyone for all the nice comments:) I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. And again, big Thank you to Alex and the A-Z Team.

Unknown said...

Nice interview. I completely missed your blog during the challenge -will have to stop by!


cleemckenzie said...

The speed the humans are changing things around the earth is what amazes me. I can barely keep up with the gadgets before they become necessities.