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Friday, July 6, 2012

Alphabet Soup - Looney Last Names

The following activity is brought to you by Nicole from The Madlab Post...

It’s time for Alphabet Soup - The Word Scramble Puzzle of A to Z Champions!

For every person who has a funny, strange or embarrassing first name, there are probably just as many with unordinary last names. If one strange name isn’t awkward enough, just think of how hesitant some people are to answer to roll calls or fill out a form when their full name causes other people to snicker. It reminds me of the male nurse named Gaylor Focker in “Meet the Parents” and who could forget the female banker named Marcy D’Arcy on “Married with Children?!” So today, L is for Last Names, particularly where movie titles are concerned.

Unscramble the following movie titles that end with a Letter L word. The first commenter who is able to correctly unscramble all or most of these movie titles at best wins this weeks’ Alphabet Soup game. Answers and the name of the winner will be posted here at the A to Z blog during next week’s “Friday Fun Time.”

1. LoeaotLhdtsnf________________

2. etoLosgnothNi________________

3. inneLhlTBeiu________________

4. hTeaLmaorpustseLferot________________

5. edoLfsBoyi________________

6. ffmoienaIitLtio________________

7. izroyaeLutSdCvp________________

8. e8tya2rsDaL________________

EXTRA CREDIT: What are some of the strangest names of people you’ve met in the workplace, school, casual outings, meetings or on vacation?

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Anonymous said...

I found the best name ever when I worked in insurance. Are you ready for this? Mr and Mrs Manella named their little boy Sam. I also liked Holly Wood. That was kind of cute.

Sheila Siler said...

I only came up with #2 Nothing to Lose and #8 28 Days Later . . . when I was a kid there were brothers in my town named: Grey and Timber - their last name was . . . WOLF.

Nicole said...


I agree that Holly Wood has a cuteness to it but I wouldn't be surprised if the Manella Family had difficulty getting their son accepted into private schools, you know, with all the vaccination paperwork required and all!

Sheila Siler,

Two is the charm, at least you're playing along and that's the kind of spirit that I welcome and can get behind! The Wolf brothers, wow. Neighbors probably thought that was clever....if your town is out in the boonies somewhere. The funny thing is, those names probably made them popular with the ladies -- or maybe not, I don't know ;)

Thanks Sheila for playing the Alphabet Soup game this week.

Arlee Bird said...

My head hurts and my eyes are getting blurry. I'll let Tina solve this.

I have a friend named Bob Chance. Sometimes people would call him "Slim" but I don't think he liked it too well. Arlee Bird is kind of a weird name.

Tossing It Out


Couldn't solve the puzzle brain not working properly, The name I recall as a child was Eileen Over"


Dave said...

I'm tagging this blog.

Dave Wrote This

Tina said...

I've been playing catch-up on life. Surprised no one solved these! Right now I'm so behind I feel like I'll never catch up...neglected blog, neglected blog buddies, laundry piles, and just trying to dig out my house from leaving it alone with three men for a week. A week ago. Sigh. Do you have teenagers and an inventor husband who took the week off? If not, then this might not make sense to you...

Tina @ Life is Good
Post A-Z Road trip!

Corinne O said...

I can't figure out the 4th one, but I have the others (two were mentioned above as well):

1. Land of the Lost
2. Nothing to Lose
3. Thin Blue Line
4. -----
5. Body of Lies
6. Stupid Crazy Love
7. 28 Days Later

You've used all my brain cells figuring out these titles... I can't think of any strange names in my past!

Nicole said...


It sounds like you need some time away from the computer screen. If the blurriness and headache continues, you may want to try a nap or two or a visit to the physician. Being plugged into technology 24/7 takes a toll on our ability to function at full speed.

Yes I'd agree that Arlee Bird is sort of an unusual name but it's still more normal than your buddy "Slim" Chance. He has every right to not be fond of that nickname. Bob works out to be just fine :)


No worries about the puzzle. There's always the next Alphabet Soup game that you can try. Eileen's name is hilarious! I just don't know what to think about the fact that I actually kinda like it.


We got the memo. Now it's your're IT! Care to name an unusual name or unscramble a word?


That's the thing about life...sometimes, we're all trying to catch-up. You'll get there. Although I don't have teenagers and an inventor husband who had a week off, I do know someone with a husband and three boys who are all under 10 years of age...I have no idea how she does it! The mere thought of returning from vacation to a household left with all of that testosterone would probably have me in a frenzy.

You gotta give the fellow A to Z readers some credit...they're trying to solve them. Somebody just might do it!


You are a trooper! It's beneficial to exercise those brain cells...doing so keeps you living, growing, learning, knowing, fresh, sharp and...dare I go on? LOL. Thanks for playing this week's Alphabet Soup game. Kudos to you and Shiela Siler!

Dave said...

Well I'm no good at anagrams, but I've had a go and I think number 4 could be:

He Alerts Foam Trust Pole