Friday, August 24, 2012

Alphabet Remix - Mystery Mavens in the Making

These blogging prompts are brought to you by Nicole at The Madlab Post

It’s time for The Alphabet Remix - A Writing Prompt Idea Engine Treating A to Z Blogging Avoidance Disorders

In the short film ‘Batman: Puppet Master,’ a movie character by the name of Edward Nigma is asked how to catch the Batman. He replies: “Batman is a mystery. You cannot catch a mystery. You have to solve it.” This was one of, if not my most favorite lines of dialogue in that movie.

Today, Letter M is for 'Mystery' and here are some ways that you can write about this particular topic during the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Mysterious Men of Mythology

Blog about the men in mythology whom you think are the most mysterious mythical figures. You can just name them for a quick and simple blog post but another way to make your post a little meatier would be to explain the reasons WHY you selected these men. Add a sentence or two (or three…whatever length helps you get your point across) that tells visitors to your blog what makes these particular men stand out among all of the other mythical figures.

Mystery Madness

Try your hand at writing a mystery and then challenge people who visit your blog to solve it. Wait until the following day in the A to Z Challenge, or at the end of the challenge, to reveal what happened in the story that you wrote. If you’re interested in creating a Mystery theme for the entire month of April, you could write one or a few lines per alphabet letter, creating anticipation for people who return to your blog and want to find out what happen next. The theme could be centered on one story or 26 very short mysteries – one for each letter. The choice is yours!

Modern Mysteries

Has any mysterious happenings been reported in your town? Have you, your friends or family ever had a mysterious experience that is difficult to explain or even comprehend for yourselves? If the answer to any of the previous two questions are ‘YES,’ then use the Blogging from A to Z Challenge as your opportunity to share some real-life mysteries with people who read your blog. These modern day mysteries can be your way of adding something different to the mix of blog posts written by the rest of the hundreds, or thousands fellow A to Z Challenge participants.

Now on to other Friday Fun Time business…

At the time of this writing, it looks like no one played last week’s Movie Monster-themed Alphabet Soup game – so there is no new winner and Marta Szemik remains the current Alphabet Wizard. As such, she will be able to continue to select a new letter to be featured on the next Alphabet Soup.

Happy Friday Everybody!

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loverofwords said...

Great idea for April, right? I love mysteries. Will work on this.

Arlee Bird said...

These are some excellent ideas. Now I'm thinking on something along this line. This could be fun for the blogger and interesting to the readers.

Tossing It Out

Tina said...

Hi Nicole,
I commented this morning, but apparently Blogger decided that it would not allow it. Sigh. Or actually, the way I'm feeling? &^%$.
Anyway, as I was saying, I find these remix posts of yours remarkable. You've got some serious genius idea talent percolating around in that busy brain of yours. Ever see the movie "Being John Malkovich"? I'd love to be inside your head for just a second (not in a creepy way) just to see what that kind of creative feels like.
As to the scramble thing, Marta better watch out because you know it's *killing* me that my wacked out priorities put word puzzles down pretty far on the offense Marta. The title is yours fair and square. Just know I'm coming for you with every competitive bone in my body, and that is ALL of them.
Tina @ Life is Good

P.S To Marta: I'm a kidder. I'm not really going to hurt you. I promise.

Nicole said...


These are one of many great ideas for April, yes! You can go in so many different directions with the topic that it's one way to combat blogger's block and help you figure out how to take one topic and turn it into either one great post for a single letter or 26 good posts for the entire alphabet :)


It's so lovely to know these ideas spark a lightbulb in you during the theme and/or advance post-schedule planning stages for the next A to Z Challenge. I agree that it could be a fun treat for readers, especially when we don't know which way a blogger is doing to go with the topic...since it's all about mystery after all ;)


Thank you so much. You're so kind and supportive as well as a valuable asset to Arlee's A to Z team. I am excited to know that you find my Alphabet Remix posts useful. Now that I think about it, after reading your comment, this particular series is my easiest to write among all three Friday Funtime series. I don't know why that is but hey...if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? lol.

If you could get inside my head, I would pay you to find out why I'm lucky enough to have a creative streak, yet, still manage to freak out and malfunction in other areas of my existence. Although I am familiar with "Being John Malkovich," I haven't watched it....time to add it to my rental queue :)

I'm off for now all of you guys!...gotta go to dinner with my grandmother.

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

Arlee Bird said...

Bro -- I'll bet you say that to all the bloggers. Come to think it I have seen you leave this same comment on a lot of blog posts.