Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And the Survey Says...

I was a big fan of Family Feud growing up...and I've been formulating a bit of a survey in the back of my head as I read the wonderful guest posts here and observe the interactions between bloggers and readers and writers and others who drop by. We thank you ALL for visiting. The A-Z is NOT just for writers. There just happen to be a lot of us who joined. However, it is an event for BLOGGERS.

So to all you BLOGGERS out's your chance to participate in the behind the scenes survey that they revealed the results of on the show. Of course, the answers will be public, but if necessary, I will do a follow up post tallying the answer should there be (gasp!) so many comments (I hope..) that you can't possibly read them all.

Please read each question carefully. Some will sound a bit alike. Are you ready?By the way, no right or wrong answers, just hoping to start a dialogue, or perhaps if I get lucky, a knock-down, drag out DEBATE! I love those comment lay it on us, total truth please:

  1. AS A BLOGGER, how do you interact with your commenters?

  2. AS A COMMENTER, what is your preferred method of being noticed for taking the time to leave a comment?

  3. Now here's the rub: are those answers the same? Why or why not?

  4. Do you tend to read blogs that are similar to yours, say a writer learning from another how to market well, or to get tips, etc?

  5. Do you read a variety of blogs, and if so why?

  6. How do you decide who goes in your blog roll in your side-bar? Is it ALL the blogs you follow?

  7. Do you return follow just based on unspoken etiquette principle, or is there more to your decision?

  8. To you have link back signature? If not, why? If yes, why?

Also, please feel free to only answer the ones you're interested in, but for survey tallying, please number your answers for this math nerd. I do love long, rambly comments, but for the sake of my purpose here...please play along according to my admittedly, totally, control-freak bossy tendencies.

As Brenda (The Closer) would say, “Thank you, thank you so much!” Or something. I've only watched one episode and am hooked. In my netflix queue. Feel free to correct my quote...

If you don't me well enough, in your opinion, please pay me a visit. I blog here @ Life is Good.  I have a fairly decent "About Me" tab.

If you missed my April 2012 A-Z Challenge "Postcards from Sweden", it's not too late to read those either ;-)


P.S Of course I'll answer all of these myself. But at the end of the day so as to not influence the totally truthful results. Snork.


Ghadeer said...

1. If the comment involves a question or something that needs an answer, I reply to the comment on my blog. Otherwise, I acknowledge the comment by visiting that blog back and commenting on their latest post.

2. I would prefer that bloggers reply by visiting my blog.

3. Yes they are- I'm responding to the comments as I would like to be responded to.

4. Not necessarily

5. Yes, I read a wide variety

6. No, the blogs on my blog-roll are the blogs that I've been following for a while and developed a sort of 'friendship' with

7. There's more to the decision- I'd only follow if it is interesting enough.

8. No. I find that a little desperate. If people really want to read my blog, they can visit my profile and get to it.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

1 - I leave blocks of replies on my own blog.
2 - a return comment on my blog
3 - they are the same because I also visit anyone who comments. (Most of the time when I'm not overwhelmed with comments.)
4 - I read a wide variety. (Similar to mine? No one is that weird.)
5 - I like a lot of different things. That and I've made blogger friends in all sorts of walks of life.
6 - All the blogs? That would be a really long sidebar. The ones in mine are regular blogger buddies that visit me and I visit them on a regular basis. (I know, that's still a lot...)
7 - I usually return the follow unless the blog is really objectionable or just someone fishing for follows.
8 - No, I feel it's a little too self-promotional.

Bev said...

1. Depends on the post. If it's a interactive post, ex. puzzle, I'll make a general response like "thanks everyone for playing" . If it's a question that needs responding to, I'll direct my response specifically to that person as promptly as possible.

2. I almost always click the box that asks "would you like follow up comments sent to your inbox". If I've taken the time to comment, I'm most likely interested in what other commenters have to say on the subject as well.

3. It seems it works for commenters on my blog as well. I do get return responses if a question is answered.

4. I've a fan page. I read other fan page blogs on the same actor. It builds good community.

5. I read a variety of blogs. I'm multi-faceted and enjoy reading many different blogs. Recipes, Humour, Wellness, and Current Events.

6. I don't use my blogroll in my sidebar. I use Google Reader and add subscriptions there as well. That's my daily routine, to scroll through that every morning. If something catches my eye, I'll stop and read it. If I'm interested or feel I need to comment than I'll go visit the blog.

7. I use to return follow out of etiquette, esp. during the A-Z challenge but that's not really ideal. It's not fair to the blogger you're following either if you have no intention of ever visiting their blog. It gives them a false sense of success as a blogger. That being said, I follow a lot of blogs that I enjoy reading but I rarely ever comment on.

8. Yes, I do have a link back signature. It makes it much easier for bloggers to visit your blog and respond. Especially if you're a first time commenter and haven't established a relationship or don't plan to.

Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent

Tina said...

Thanks for participating, Alex and jnana. Looking forward to what the day will bring. I also have a version of this up on my blog...interesting to see if my readers have similar habits to the A-Z readers...

Anonymous said...

1. I reply to comments in the "reply" box under each individual comment.
2. Folks are busy....I don't feel the need to have every one of my comments recognized. The best way, however, is a reply under my comment on their blog.
3. Not the same. #1 asks about my methods, #2 asks how I like to be recognized for making a comment.
4. I think I do actually.
5. I tend to stick with my blog roll.
6. If someone comments on my blog I haven't seen before I go to their blog and read several posts as well as their profile and base my decision to add them to my list on that.
7. No I don't just follow on #6.
8. No. I have one set up that I could use but it feels so commercial.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, this could be quite fun!

1. I try to always comment back to them with a reply, and always check out their blogs and leave a comment on their latest post. Depending on how interesting I find their blog, I may read back a few posts too. I typically put their blog in my "bloglovin" queue as well.

2. When I leave comments, I try to make them as thoughtful as possible. I never leave comments like "Good post!". I don't really mind if my comment is not acknowledged, but it is nice when folks reply.

3. They are not. I like to make sure my commenters feel noticed, but I don't much mind if I'm not noticed for my comments. I know how hectic life can get, and comments on a blog sometime pale in comparison to the more important things. Sometimes folks just can't get to the comments. I like to give the benefit of the doubt, and figure they just didn't get the time to comment back. If that's not really the case, and they don't care about my comment, then they're probably not someone I really want to interact with anyway.

4. I do. I don't typically read blogs that are about writing or tips and tricks for marketing your blog, etc. I prefer to read blogs that are just about the daily life and thoughts of the blogger. I don't like feeling like there's a hidden agenda behind the blog posts. If I read a blog, and it's all about "buy my book" or "Take my webinar" It tend to gloss over it.

5. I do read a variety of blogs. I feel like reading someone's blog is like getting to know them, or at least a certain aspect of them. I like many different kinds of people.

6. The folks in my blog roll are the ones I comment back and forth with the most. I do not list all the blogs I follow, because sometimes I follow blogs with the intention of checking them out another time.

7. There's actually probably less to my decision. I follow frequently, and later when I have had a few posts from them I revisit the decision. Typically I continue to follow, but sometimes I'll end up unfollowing. The decision is based mostly on the person I a perceive from their posts. If I wouldn't hang out with the person in real life, I wouldn't do it on the internet either.

8. I don't. I used to, but I stopped using it. I don't mind when folks use them, but I always feel like I'm pushing too hard when I use mine. I'm easy to find if they're interested, just by clicking my name. Failing that, I'm most of the google search results for the term "Matt Conlon".

mshatch said...

1. I have the reply button and I try to use it to respond to everyone who comments.

2. It depends on the post but I like being responded to in the comments one way or the other. What I don't like is a generic thank you because that doesn't tell me that my comment was read.

3. yes, those answers are the same! Because I tend to respond the way I would like to be responded to.

4. Yes, I mostly read writing blogs.

5. But I also read some artsy ones, a few travel blogs, history and gaming blogs.

6. I have 25 in my blogroll. I'd have 50 if it was an option but it's either 25, or all, which would be ridiculous, imho. And those in are sorted by date of post so the most recent ones are the ones seen.

7. Mostly I return the follow unless I find the blog offensive or I just plain don't like what's being said.

8. No link back because I don't know how - yet!

Anonymous said...

1. I almost always reply to every comment. I really, really appreciate when someone takes the time to read and comment, and I want them to know that and feel welcomed. Occasionally, I drop the ball and fail to get to the comments, but not often.

2. I like it when bloggers respond to my comments of their blogs, but in all honesty, I usually don't go back to the same post unless there is reason to (a particularly conversation-worthy topic or if my comment was a question) so I probably wouldn't know if they didn't.

3. Hmmm, I'm definitely more forgiving of other bloggers than I am of myself. I feel bad when I don't offer individual replies to every comment, though if most bloggers are like me (and I'll bet they are), they never see my replies anyway.

4. Not particularly.

5. Yes. I read blogs that I find interesting. The subject matter varies widely.

6. I love this question, even though I can't really give you a definitive answer. My handful of very favorite bloggers are on there (and I'll never reveal exactly who is on that short list!), but there are also some blogs there that I no longer really keep up with, but I must have felt something more for them at some point. In general, I add a blog to my blogroll if I see myself wanting to never miss one of that blogger's posts.

7. Definitely the first. I "follow" some blogs that I pretty much never read, but that's fine with me. My blogroll and the links people leave on my weekly GBE (a blogging group I run) topic post are usually where I click to read.

8. I don't. Most sites seem to provide either a link to commenters' latest posts or make their names clickable, so I don't feel the need to add a link. Plus, it can feel kind of spammy when people do that, so I don't.

KC Weldon said...

1. I always respond to their comment in the comment thread and usually go visit their blog without leaving a comment.

2. I want them to acknowledge my comment in the comment thread.

3. Yes. I try to be the type blogger that I want to read.

4. I don't limit myself to blogs like mine, but I do read blogs that are similar.

5. I follow a large variety of blogs. I started with a few each for many of my interests and have expanded my reader list through links on those blogs.

6. I don't have a blog roll.

7. No, I don't automatically return follow. I used to but found my reader clogged with blogs I didn't want to read so now I browse around and decide if I want to follow a blog before I follow it.

8. No because it feels self-promotional, like the only reason I commented was an excuse to share my link.

StratPlayerCJF said...

1. I ALWAYS post a reply to every comment on my blog, and I usually will try and comment on their blog.

2. A direct reply to the comment I left, even if it's just a quick "thanks". I like to know my comment's actually been noticed and read.

3. Yep. I try to treat other blogger/commenters as I would like to be treated. You know, they should like make a rule about that...

4. Yes. Primarily I tend to stay within the blogs of fellow writers. Nothing against cooking blogs and mommy blogs and blogs about crocheted pet clothes, but I only have so much time to spend blogging and interacting with other bloggers, so I focus on what most interests me.

5. No, not really. A limit of available blogging time, mainly.

6. I don't do a blog-roll side bar. It's too long and takes up too much space on my blog -- aesthetically I think my blog looks better without the long list. Plus it's right there in my profile which is just a click away should anyone want to see it.

7. I return follows if it's a blog I would really like to follow -- a fellow writer, mostly. Of course, I "follow' hundreds of blogs so there's no way I can dedicatedly follow each and every one of them. That's another reason why I only want to add blogs that are interesting to me -- at least that gives them some special recognition.

8. No. It's just extra clutter. If someone wants to find me, my blog's in my profile which again, is only one click away (and it's very frustrating to me when someone doesn't include their own blog in their profile. How am I supposed to find it if you're a new commenter on my blog? It's much more important than the huge list of all the other blogs you follow, I think).

M Pax said...

1. Leave comments on my blog & visit their blogs. If I get a question, I'll reply by email.

2. Return visit to my blog.

3. Pretty close.

4. I read all sorts of blogs. It's about making connections.

5. I should get better at reading more blogs.

6. Don't use a blog roll. Had too many virus issues. And now I moved my blog to my website, so no more blog roll. I use google reader.

7. Follow doesn't mean much if someone doesn't stop in regularly. If I don't put you in my google reader, my follow means nothing. It's better I put you in my reader than follow.

8. Yes. I want people to find me.

Arlee Bird said...

Here are my short responses:

1. I respond directly in the comment section other than very rare cases when I respond by email.

2. I like a response in the blogger's comment section since I always subscribe to the comments where I've left one. This opens the possibility for dialogue.

3. The reasoning is the same. What I do on my blog is the philosophy I'd like to see used on other blogs.

4. My blog is eclectic and so is my reading.

5. I read a variety because I like various topics and having a well-rounded field of knowledge.

6. I could never fit all the blogs I follow in my sidebar. The blogs that are there now are primarily the earliest blogs I started following during the first A to Z Challenge.

7. A bit of both. It depends on the blog.

8. I use the link back signature so the blogger where I left a comment can directly find the blog I would like for them to read. Since I have multiple blogs this eliminates guess work for visitors.

Good thing I didn't give my long answers.

Tossing It Out

Anonymous said...

1. Normally through twitter.. You did say no right or wrong answers remember.. I’m new to blogging.. Oh and I do leave a reply comment to anyone who’s commented.

2. No need really.

3. No – because I’m not everyone and if people comment I want to show them I’ve read it. When I comment it’s up to them if they want me to know they’ve read it or not. Personal choice.

4. Not sure many blogs are as random as mine but yes I read some random blogs.

5. yes because I have wide interests and like reading things I wouldn’t write. Lots to learn still..

6. Don’t have a blog roll. Wouldn’t know how to create one.

7. No. Rarely follow as it blocks up my email. Tend to see new posts through twitter or triberr. If I follow it means you’re really special.. hmm.. is that why I didn’t get so many followers during A-Z ;) hmm..

8. Don’t know what one is so don’t know if I have one or not. I assume not. Why don’t I have something I’ve never heard of? hmm.. think I have a lot to learn about blogging.. 

Rob Z Tobor said...

1 I always try and reply to every comment made on my blog, if I do not know the person leaving the comment I will go and have a look at their blog. And I try and respond directly to what they have said not just type thanks

2 When I leave a comment on a blog I return to the blog to see if the comment has had a response or not. And I will always try and leave an interesting comment if I can. I have been known to respond to my own comment on the other blog as if I am a third person…. Can confuse some, although few notice.

3 I think so.

4 The blogs I read are diverse but tend to be about people blogging about their life. Which is fundamentally what my own blog is about. But there are a million different ways of doing this….

5 Sorry answers 4 & 5 are the same. I will say as a British Blogger, I like British humour and quirkiness, with a few notable exceptions I tend to think the way the British and Americans approach their blogs is totally different. I’m sure most Americans look at my blog and go WHAT? (I think quite a few Brits do too)

6 My blog roll is at the bottom of my blog it presently has 15 blogs listed (including this one….WELL COOL) of the say 50-60 I follow. These are the blogs I like to make sure I don’t miss a post of. I am not sure about everyone else but I post every day and doing that makes it difficult to follow more than a handful of posts without going mad.

7 No I don’t follow based on unspoken etiquette principle, I noticed in the A to Z several people followed almost every blog. I assume purely just to get more followers themselves rather than any interest in the blogs. How can anyone really follow 300-400-500 plus blogs unless those blogs are posting very infrequently?

8 No……. Simply I am an IDIOT and can never remember how to do it. I am having enough problems just typing these days, my brain is crumbling so one day none of what I do will make sense.

Tami Von Zalez said...

1. Yes, I interact with my commenters if I have something interesting to say.
2. If I am noticed, great, if not, I don't expect it.
3. Not the same answer - different question.
4. My blog reading runs the gamut, I am always looking for the blog that stands out, the blogger with a unique writing style or unusual "voice."
5. Yes, I read a wide variety of blogs.
6. I only have a select few on my blogroll, my absolute favs. Even then, if they aren't posting often, I remove them from my list.
7. I will subscribe to a blog on Google reader for awhile before I decide to actually follow.
8. Yes, I have a link back signature. I want other bloggers who read my comments to be able to find me.

Heather Murphy said...

1. As a blogger, I interact with commenters though email. If they don't have an email address attached, I visit their blog (which I usually do anyway) Rarely I will respond to a comment with a comment.

2. As a commenter, it is easiest for me to receive emails and respond that way. I find that I don't return to posts after giving or receiving comments.

3. The same, but different :)

4. Yes, I read blogs similar to mine

5. but I also read other blogs that blog about similar interests too

6. I don't have a blog roll in my side-bar :( Maybe I need to add one.

7. I will usually follow for a follow unless I visit and see that the person has no similar interests as I do.

8. I don't have a link back signature but only because I have been too lazy to set it up. Another thing to add to my list...

Are we there yet? We are, we are!

Maurice Mitchell said...

1. I try to respond to each comment and make note of the really, really cool ones.
2. I usually don't expect a response. It's just nice to let them know I appreciate it.
3. I try to visit as many blogs as I can whether they commen or not.
4. Mostly sci-fi, but lots of others.
5 - It's good to be exposed to the unknown.
6 - I visit a lot of great blogs but use the ones I visit everyday. I'm trying to keep my blog load time low.
7 - I used to follow everyone that followed me, but it's too hard to keep up. Now I use Google Reader. Since there's no way to follow-back it's strictly personal.
8 - I do to make it easier for bloggers to find my blogs.
- Maurice Mitchell

The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr

Tina said...

Looks like there's going to definitely need to be some tallying. I see some trends emerging...and I think those who took the time to so thoughtfully answer the questions deserve a wrap up. I've been reading through the whole list everytime someone adds a comment, and I invented this thing and need to tally to see what's going on...
Look for that follow up post later this week. Thursdays and Fridays have regular features so I'll squeeze in the results as soon as there's room here.
I'll tell you one thing, this A-Z blog has some really great readers - people who visit almost every post and leave thoughtful responses, treat our guest posters with respect and all are awesome!

Tina @ Life is Good

P.S I guess that gives you the answer to one of the questions from my perspective...

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Hope it's not too late to reply!
1. I respond through email.
2. email.
3. Same. I prefer email for both comments and replies b/c it's more personal. I've developed some sweet friendships that way. The reply box is open to everyone visiting, which is fine. My replies there would just be more generic.
4. Not necessarily.
5. I read a mix of blogs
6. Don't have a blog roll. The blogs I read are listed in my profile.
7. I don't follow blindly. The blog must interest me on some level.
8. I don't know what this is...?
Maybe someone could explain this?

Bruce Sallan said...


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina ..

1) Reply in block format or individually
2) Don't always know as embedded comment boxes don't work for me .. and I'll (usually) only comment where I know the blogger will reply/acknowledge .. sometimes I get emails, or specific email replies ..
3) Can't be the same .. because people will work differently
4) Mix of blogs - educative, informative and friendly (atleast one of these!)
5)as above and to learn what others are doing etc
6) I've taken mine off as sometimes people's sidebars take too long to load.
I must come back and look at people's answer to the Blog Roll aspect
7) If I'm not keen on the blog I will follow, but probably won't subscribe;
I do try and get to everyone who comments - must try harder here ... not sure of best process for this - as if I link via their comment - I go out of my own blog ..
8) No .. tried and couldn't get it to work .. must try again!

Cheers - and look forward to your evaluation of the survey in due course .. Hilary