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Friday, July 5, 2013

Kriti: Curing Writer's Block one Rhyme at a Time

Please welcome Kriti to the A-Z today! She hails from India and is an engineer and a photographer, and has THREE blogs. I want her time management skills...

Hola people!

Accompanying the Friday bliss, this is Kriti Bhatnagar, back in the game with all my chaos! Just for a better case study…across the web I can usually be located on my blogs Just a little time , Bumps and Bruises and Alpha and Omega unless it’s raining or I’m into some abrupt kind of surfing or busy stalking the profile of my blogger friend I’m having a crush on :P

Firstly, I’d like to thank Sir Arlee Bird whole heartedly for providing me with this fabulous opportunity ‘Blogging from A to Z Challenge’! It occurred as the most rough, adventurous (because of some stupid things I did to get some fine ideas! :P) and super fun experience for April 2013 and if you ask it’s candid description according to my views…it was a Ninja Act for me! Not because it was quite a commitment but because I dived into it off the cuff. Each night I fell asleep with hundreds of thoughts, about the supposedly next post I needed to write, haunting my mind and the next day I woke up just to pen down a sufficiently alien thought…it was kind of a repeated blackout each day for 30 days…ummm…29 actually! The ‘Z’ post I had prepared in advance…it consisted of a kind of tribute to Sir Arlee Bird which later got published in Woven Tale Press…I felt really glad as it got a position next to the introduction of the very host! Felt like all my endeavors amidst that dust and sweat paid off…thanks to Sandra Tyler, Editor, Woven Tale Press, for that!

The thought that stalked my mind at usual punctuations was…the writer’s block! :P The experience and pain, I felt like rhyming up it all! Life seems bit lively when you introduce a tinge of rhyme to it…I think! :)


So…here it comes again…the famous writer’s block!

A drink might help…a shower or maybe a distant walk…

I thought I’d go with the walk…try out the new shoes I just bought…

Some flora and fauna around…I might get some new thought…

But I came back with the same head…wherein there was nothing right…

And my new shoes…don’t ask about them…like hell did they bite…

Worked out on substitutes…the first, the second, the third…

And tried out every word with my vision all blurred…

I tried to make them fly like a free bird…

Got stuck…helplessly…surrendered to the Crossword…

Choked with it all…as I tried sipping on my Ice tea with a straw…

I tried to replace the words…instead, they all formed a Jigsaw… 

They never got straight…struggling I felt as a groove… 

Didn’t stop…kept turning and twisting them like a Rubikks cube move…

I tried and tried and tried to think…

They seem more or less like some Cubin link…

I had to get it done…so applied all my wit…

And in the end…guess who won…

Somehow I got rid of it…

Somehow I got it all done!


This is from me as for now! Keep blogging…it refines a soul in the best possible way :)

To express it all is so not a crime

Just try to introduce a little bit of rhyme

Put your faiths and sorrows in a fine string of words

Let your thoughts fly, in this open sky, like free birds

Love and Regards


About the Author: Kriti is an Artist as well as an Engineer hailing from India. She can eat, she can sleep and she can write!

Thanks for sharing your tips with us, and congrats on making it to Woven Tale Press!


  1. Hi Kriti and Tina .. well done on getting the Z into Woven Tales Press - that's great ...

    Writer's Block - just that challenge that keeps popping up ... walking in new shoes - I'd be happier getting back to the dreaded machine! I know Tina would be out and about striding forth ...

    Cheers and Happy Fourth of July to you both .. Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks for your words!
    Yeah, writer's block is really big of a deal...but than so are writer's skills! We manage through it...somehow! :)
    Cheers and happy fourth of July to you as well!

  3. Nice rhyming. Writer's block is a true menace.

  4. Writer's block is my biggest blogging challenge!

  5. @Sheena-kay : Thanks. Glad you liked it!!
    Yes it is...inevitable!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. @Ice Girl: It is the biggest challenge for perhaps every single person who writes!
    Seems like it's a way of judging their passion towards writing!

  8. Welcome board Kirthi,
    Good to meet yet another Indian blogger.
    well presented. Keep writing.
    Best Regards
    Philip Verghese

  9. @Philip Verghese : Thanks Philips!
    Good to meet you too!
    Glad you liked it!



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