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Monday, July 21, 2014

What Does Your blog mean to You? #blogging

A to Z Challenge is about promoting the blogging community-- we're all bloggers here-- a friendly, supportive bunch, who would like to help each other grow.

That's the purpose of this A to Z blog-- to give voice to other bloggers, to promote their work, to give advice and support, to feature guest bloggers, and foster a sense of community.

This clarity of vision is very important when blogging-- bloggers need to clearly understand what the goals of their blogs are. Their mission statements, if you like.

It could be random, it could have a niche, but every blog needs to mean something to its owner, in order to thrive. Both my blogs, six-years old each, are my playground-- Amlokiblogs is all about writing and reading, whereas Daily (w)rite has become about questions and answers-- I often have weird or useful questions, and I look to my audience to educate me, give me answers.

So what does your blog mean to you? What is is about? Fire away in the comments!


Jeremy [Retro] said...

I have evolved as a blog, not knowing where it was going to go in the start... first I was all about ZOMBIES, then I am currently just BEING RETRO. A place where things that I love from films, music, old books, etc.... I also promote my t-shirt designs mostly and then my books. If I don't make you smile or at least get caught up in a few of my posts, well then I am not doing my job.

Jeremy [Retro]

There's no earthly way of knowing.
Which direction we are going!

Rhondi St.Onge Peacock said...

I started my blog on November 20th, 2011. I remember the exact moment I decided to start. I was in the midst of a personal crisis and needed an outlet. I have written about 500 posts but more 100 remain unpublished because they are simply far to personal.

I am not a professional writer but I love the fact that I have so many in this forum that are willing to help me improve.
I agree with Jeremy's comment that, 'there's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going!" THAT right there is why I blog.

Have a great day everyone,

Koninika said...

I am an amateur blogger and learning constantly. My blog is my space to be free, to pen down my thoughts and feelings, to connect disjointed characters into something larger than life in the virtual world and to voice out what I see around me. I'm excited about this because this is exactly what I need

Koninika said...

My blog is:

Irishredfox said...

When I first started my blog, I just knew I liked science and philosophy. Now I write about whatever I think about, and it has more of a math bend to these days. It's really my playground, as you say. It doesn't have to be amazing or spectacular, so it gives me the opportunity to take risks.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My blog is my way to connect and share with others. I have a general theme, but often post a variety of things. I am here to inform and amuse!

Suzanne said...

I started in 2006 as a diary. Since then it's evolved, lots of tabs and badges and stuff, but underneath it all it's still a diary :)
Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Damyanti - mine was to give something for my brain to tackle while my mother was terminally ill - I've been blogging now 6.5 years ... and I like to learn and blog about things that interest me and that I think others will relate to ...

I'll be spreading my wings in the next few months .. cheers Hilary

annisblogging said...

Hi Damyanti,
Its really good to hear from you again via my G+ page,
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Anonymous said...

I've just started my blog, so I'm not sure what direction it will take. But I started it to share my stories and to get in touch with other people who, like me, love to write speculative fiction, especially with a dieselpunk bent :-)

What I like the most about blogging is having the possibility to get in touch with people who share my same interests, people who sometimes live so far away from me, I'd have no other possibility to meet.

Rob Z Tobor said...

My blog actually started before I had a blog if thats makes any sense, and then the idea progressed to the blog platform. It is (or was my diary) but written in a way to create a slightly surreal on going story. It probably makes no real sense unless you are me, but I hope it is entertaining to others. My plan was always to write one million words and then move onto something new but I am well and truly more than half way so I will see how I feel when I reach my target word count.

Of course the diary aspect sort of goes on hold during the A to Z which is OK as I do like the A to Z. and I do a lot of drawings for the blog these days because I like to draw.

As folk say in cyberspace . . . . . . . . . I Blog therefore I Am

Rob Z Tobor

Charlotte Fairchild said...

I have 12 blogs. I only work on one now. I used to work on all of them at one time. The blog I work on is the one about The Buddy System. FearThouNot4.

Charlotte Fairchild said...

I write books. A few of my books are on my blogs.

Anonymous said...

My blog is my creative outlet, a place where I seek refuge and find my inner resources, where I commune with myself and others, and where I both nourish and surprise myself. My son first encouraged me to start Tell Me Another and set it up for me 4-1/2 years ago, when I was in the doldrums, and now I get fidgety if I haven't written a new story for ten days or more. Through Tell Me Another, I have reconnected with old friends, teachers, and a long-lost cousin; found a virtual place where I can communicate with my far-flung family and friends and where they can meet each other; and recovered my love for writing. I love reading and responding to the comments from visitors from all around the world (151 countries to date), delight in the subscribers who have become friends, and continually marvel at the way the number of page views from England and India, my two countries of origin, remain just about equal. And I'm thankful for the A-to-Z Challenge and the bloggers who maintain and participate in it, who always get me to kick it up a notch.

cheerfuloptimistic said...

I've been blogging for almost a year. I wanted to say some things about annoying people. Plus, I wanted to talk about all the movies and books and other forms of entertainment I love. And I hope to continue that for years.

Michelle Stanley said...

My blog was created less than a year, and I knew I wanted to write poetry and prose and other content. However, I was still unclear about the destination I would take and content selection. Each day spent blogging gives me ideas, and I know how I want things done and what is needed to achieve this. AtoZ Challenge also made a difference and I was able to see my path clearer. Blogging is a learning progress which I enjoy.

G. B. Miller said...

My first blog (lasted about 5 1/2 years) became the place for me to unleash my true self to the world. Whether it was about my journey of writing, work, music, whatever, I had fun with it. Met some great people and was able to learn a thing or two about writing, which in turn helped me get published.

My new blog picked up where my old one left off at. I still unleash my true self but sometimes it's toned down and other times it's amped up. In any event, my blog is my platform to showcase who I am and what I write.

Father Nature's Corner

Yvonne Ventresca said...

My blogging goal for Word Pop is to provide useful info or cover topics of interest to teen writers each Tuesday, and provide info for writers of all ages (sometimes highlighting a new author for example) on Fridays. I started in the fall and have been blogging regularly since then, but it is a lot of work to research topics each week!


Unknown said...

To freely express my thoughts about books I love and talk to other's with the same passion!
–B @Fangirling Misses

Anonymous said...

Inspired many years ago when I first learnt about blogging it was something I'd always wanted to do but didn't know why or what I'd write about only that I wanted a blog. Now in my third year, I seem to concentrate during AtoZ where I explore something creative, usually my writing and art. This year my sketches seem to have taken over.

Jules said...

My blog is a number of things: It's a place I can stay disciplined, a place where I can interact with other writers and great people, a place for me to unleash my creative mind and tell a story and a place to expose my vulnerability when I normally wouldn't. :)

Unknown said...

I started blogging to share my kids with family far away. Just over a year ago, I became a full-time caregiver for my mom, who has advanced-stage Alzheimer's. Now I blog as an outlet and to connect to others. I am also trying to capture emotions and memories and provide a bit of a guidebook for my children, should they end up in my shoes caring for me someday.
What I didn't expect was how much I enjoy the writing. I recently did a Wordpress challenge where we wrote fiction and I loved it! A to Z was my first time popping around visiting other blogs. I make a point to spend at least one evening or morning clicking through the A to Z list to continue visiting folks who I didn't get to during the challenge!

Momzcuizine said...

I started my blog because I love food, cooking, writing people and my family.Combining everything together I created Mommy's Kitchen my cooking blog and usually my recipes have a little story. behind them. I didn't expect for people to actually respond and the responses make want to wake up every morning and better my blog. I love blogging !!!

Christina Schubert said...

I blog because it helps me look on the brighter side of things. Writing humour comes to me naturally. When I write even the worst situation comes out funny, it helps me cope.

Unknown said...

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John Holton said...

One of the first things I did when I started the blog was the A to Z Challenge. That was when I realized that I really like learning and writing about random subjects. This month, I'm doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, where I write a post for each day of July, and I decided that I would just keep it going as long as I could, almost like a daily column in a newspaper. It's a challenge coming up with a topic each day.

After struggling to come up with ideas for novels and short stories, creative nonfiction feels the most natural, and this is the most fun I've had writing. My blog has morphed into a vehicle for that type of writing.

John Holton
The Sound Of One Hand Typing

Birgit said...

I started my blog to find other people who created cards and , from there, I found people who asked 5 questions and be part of the hop which I enjoyed. It just keeps growing the more people and blogs I find since I have a variety of interests from my card making, to film to writing.

Anonymous said...

Its a great place where I can write alongside my dad, about writing, about things I'm into that maybe he doesn't know a lot about, and vice versa, since we share our website. And then most of the time we unite under the themes of friendship and father/son bonding in the things we write about :)

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