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Friday, September 19, 2014

Letter Play - A Mixed Bag O' Fun!

After going on hiatus following a 2012 run, my Friday Fun Time series resurfaces today! Those of you who are new to the game, fear not...the instructions are simple: Guess the grocery store products that each letter represents in the following photos. I will announce the winner who has the most correct answers, in a future blog post. 






Can YOU identify and name the items/products that these letters represent?

Thank goodness it's Friday! Have a super duper one, everybody!

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  1. Hi Nicole - failed completely ... I don't obviously recognise any of them - but then our English ones may be different ...

    Thank goodness it's Friday .. have a happy weekend one and all .. Hilary

  2. Hi, I failed miserably, good game though.
    Happy week-end.

  3. I believe the first one is Dorito's, I have no clue about "E". P , I think is for Pringle?. "G" is for God only knows:) and K is for Kellogg? OK my sad little guesses

  4. Haven't the foggiest! Then again I can probably be excused as I come from Down Under :)

  5. Okay: doughnuts, energy drinks, peanut butter, granola, kale. I win.

  6. I'm about where Birgit is. Doritos I'm pretty sure of. The rest, meh. Of course, I don't shop much in the supermarket, so I don't see the brands so much.

    But you give me an idea for an A to Z theme. . .


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