Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Give a Little Thought to A to Z this Holiday Season

Wow. It's the holiday season! It seems as if 2015 just started and now here we are near the end of the year; amazing isn't it? With the holidays in full swing now is the perfect time to spend a moment thinking about the A to Z Challenge in 2016!

It's true, it's true! To be sure you'll be bustling about having lots of fun and shopping and whatnot but you'll probably have a spare moment here or there that is perfect for thinking.  Say you're shopping and you're standing in a very long line. Look around you for inspiration for the blogging challenge.

For example, while standing in line, what if you see an outrageous hat? Why not blog the A to Z of crazy hats? How about the A to Z of your grandma's clothes? Can you name the A to Z of Professor Snape sayings? Or what if you blogged the A to Z of movies you've seen in your lifetime? You could always go back and look at your old A to Z Challenge posts and see what posts worked and revamp those into something new. What about the A to Z of bad challenges? Bad blog posts? Bad dogs?

But seriously, the holidays provide you with plenty more time to think about the A to Z than you realize. When I'm standing in line or looking at a row of books I try to get inspired by the things that I'm looking at. Sometimes my ideas are genius and sometimes they're not. But you know what? Waiting til the last minute stinks. I've learned to use snippets of downtime each day to brainstorm: Sitting at a stop light? Thinking. Standing in line to buy presents? Pondering. 

You won't know if your idea is good or not until you think it through. So instead of playing Candy Crush with friends on your phone, consider that idea that is floating near the surface of your brain. The A to Z of lollipops? Possibly. How many flavors can you name? 10? 3? 60?  You won't know until you think it all the way through.  Isn't it better to discover NOW that your idea is no good rather than on April 5th when you've run out of flavors? 

Just like some gifts are better left on the shelf, some ideas are better left in your brain.

Make 2016 the best A to Z Challenge ever and start thinking about possible topics now! So tell me, what are some bad topics you've already tossed out for next year's challenge? Here's one of mine: The A to Z of dog books. I mean, seriously, how many could there be? 

Too many to choose from.

So, be prepared future A to Zers!

The A to Z Challenge is coming! 

Give a little thought to A to Z this holiday season. You'll be glad you did.

Many thanks to Pinterest and Buzzfeed for all the funny pics.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

LOL. I can't. I just can't think of it now. Maybe after the new year. My brain it too busy.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Good advice. I am already rolling some ideas around.

Don't forget the theme reveal blog hop prior to AtoZ, that is a fun one too.

Luckily, I have a few days off and am concentrating on my Countdown to Christmas posts.

Anonymous said...

Busy is the new not busy!

Anonymous said...

Yes the Theme reveal. If you get your thinking cap on now you'll be even more ready (readier?) for the theme reveal!

Ann Bennett said...

It is time to get the old thinking cap on. Ideas will get harder to come by at the last minute.

pamlovesbooks said...

So very true.

Heather M. Gardner said...

Great post!!!
I love ALL these ideas! Especially the hats and the dog books!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Pam - I've got my ideas ready ... now to write the posts - so it's done and dusted and I'm not frantic as last year.

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas - and yes give a little thought to others too .. cheers Hilary