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Alphabet Remix - Time is Ticking

These A to Z Challenge blogging ideas are brought to you by Nicole from The Madlab Post...

It’s time for The Alphabet Remix - A Writing Prompt Idea Engine Treating A to Z Blogging Avoidance Disorders

TIME tends to be a popular subject during the A to Z Challenge, and no, I’m not referring to TIME magazine -- although you can write about that publication if you struggle with finding topics for Letter T in April. From Time Management tips at Tossing It Out to Time Traveling at Vive le Nerd and It’s Raining Blue Umbrellas, blog posts highlighting the way people spend their time is one trend in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge that some of you might want to write about, yet avoid doing so, in an effort to not cause visitors to think “been there, read that!” when visiting your blog.

So, here are some additional blogging ideas about TIME to consider for Letter T the next time you find yourself reluctant to chase the clock because you don’t want to look like a one-trick pony or like you're following in the shadows of bloggers who already wrote about it.

Timeless Phrases

Blog about phrases that have the word TIME in them such as “Time is of the essence,” “In the nick of Time” etc. and what they mean to you in various situations such as shopping, work, dating, road rage, exercising, aging or any other subject where this phrase may apply. Another possible approach is to blog about whether you think a certain TIME related phrase is logical or illogical. A phrase like “Time-Sensitive” creates a sense of urgency for many people, however, you could share your opinions on when the use of this phrase is valid and when it is not. For example - 9-1-1 calls are time-sensitive conversations versus rushing your roommate off of the phone so that you can tell your boyfriend/girlfriend about the semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret.


There are many directions that you can go in when blogging about timelines. If you’re on Facebook, then write a blog post about whether you are in favor of (or against or indifferent to) the timeline feature that they launched on that website. You could also track your journey through your experience in weight loss, graduating from college, healing after divorce or hardship, renovating your house, restoring an old building or raising a kid, etc. by posting photos and dates representing each milestone moment or depicting your progress. Show readers how you got from where you started to where you are now, no matter if it took a long TIME or short amount of TIME.


Consider a point in your life when the phrase “Timing is everything” had an impact on you and then blog about that experience. This could encompass almost anything such as wanting to end a relationship with someone but deciding to wait (or not wait) until after a holiday, birthday, surgery, etc. to do so -- or realizing that despite being 20 minutes late to work due to traffic, you missed a dangerous police shootout and hostage situation that occurred 30 minutes earlier, in the building where your job is located -- or calling the radio station one more time before giving up after five tries, and the sixth call led to you winning those Bruce Springsteen tickets.

No matter what the case may be or how a situation was (or is) presented, if you had a feeling that timing IS everything at one time or another in your life, then blog about it.

Guess can still also blog about TIME MANAGEMENT by remixing the topic into the following subject: Write a blog post that describes your position on texting with regards to managing time. While many people think texting is a particular convenient cell phone feature, you can blog about why you agree or disagree, in comparison to voice calls.

Yep, you guessed it, TIME TRAVELING is open for A to Z Blogging business as well, when you consider a different way to look at the topic: Blog about what you would tell your 16 year-old self if about dieting, smoking, bullying, drinking, sex, school, competition, etc. if you could travel back in time to your teenage years. Want to get a little adventurous? Ask the same question to three friends or family members who are 10-20 years apart in age...and then list your three responses in a blog post. This option could also work for Letter G on the subject of Generational Gaps, but you get the picture!
Now for some Friday Fun Time housekeeping, the winner of last week’s Alphabet Soup game is....

Tina Downey at Life is Good

This is Tina’s second win in a row, so her Alphabet Wizard status continues with a prize package that includes: the choice of letter to be covered in the next Alphabet Soup game and the option of selecting the topic* for my next Monday Movie Meme (*Must be a topic/theme that has not been previously covered). She unscrambled all eight Theatrical Title Twisters correctly.

Here are the answers from last week:

1. The Terminator
2. Transformers
3. The Transporter
4. Trainspotting
5. Tangled
6. Takers
7. Tropic Thunder
8. Trois

Congratulations to Tina and may you all have a great weekend!

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Karen Baldwin said...

Ohhhhh no! Not even going to think about "T" yet. I'll copy your prompts - which are great, by the way - for the next A-Z blogfest.

Arlee Bird said...

I'm a big fan of time, which to me is more valuable than money or anything else. Great suggestions. In fact, as I was reading an idea hit me that I might consider for next year--use time as the theme for the entire challenge. Hmmm--let me take some time to think on that idea.

A Faraway View

LM Preston said...

Love the prompts!

Francene Stanley said...

I like the idea of applying time to all aspects of our blogs. Well thought-out article. At the moment, I'm delving back into the time of my life when my grandson was a baby, having just found him again at the age of 25 years. I'm sharing pictures with him on facebook that he doesn't have. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

What would I tell my sixteen year old self??? I would tell myself that relationships are the most important things in life, choose my freinds wisely, and develop those bonds better than I have.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I knew it was a mistake to let Einstein make the cake when he put Thyme in the mixing bowl

HAHAH HHAh hah ah hahah aha hahahaha haha haha ha hahahahahaahahaa.

Tina said...

Ok with advice from Lee, I'm trying the comment again. This time I will cut and paste it to have for future tries...
Nicole - thanks for the (much appreciated) bragging rights! Let's do L for the scramble, and movies with HUGE twists at the end. Probably already you let me know.

Meanwhile, (that's a time phrase!) I really enjoyed your excellent advice on writing about time and was thinking along the lines of Lee: I could do a whole month on this. Great post.

Tina @ Life is Good
Post A-Z Road trip!

Lynn Proctor said...

time is on our side--sometimes--great topic!

Nicole said...


Preparation is one thing that makes the A to Z go smoothly for bloggers...filing ideas away for "T" can help you get right on schedule when the challenge rolls around again :)


Yep....time more valuable than money, especially when we consider the fact that the latter can be replaced while the former cannot. It's interesting how many, if not most people tend to trade their precious time for money in some situations that could be improved such as overtime, etc.

I'm glad that reading my post help spark an idea that could end up on one of your blogs next year. That is the whole reason behind this Alphabet Remix series...showing A to Z participants how they can remix and manipulate words, ideas, etc. to find topics to blog about during the next time they're in the challege. No need to rush, take all the time you need because it's only June, time is on your side ;)

LM Preston,

Thank you. I love that you love them!

Francene Stanley,

Thanks for your feedback on this blog post. It's never to late to reconnect with your family and it looks like there is no time like the present to show your Grandson what he looked like when he was a baby while also filling him in on the memories that surrounded those photos during that point in time.

Stephen Tremp,

Your sixteen year old self would no doubt benefit from your advice. Sometimes it's not the choosing of the friends, but the nurturing of the most right friendships that becomes important.

Rob Z Tobor,

You are too much. I suppose, recipes are on the horizon for the next A to Z Challenge!


You earned those bragging rights, for sure! got it and I'll make a note for plot twists next week. If both of you do Time for the entire month of April, it will surely be fun to see how you approach the subject.

Lynn Proctor,

It's always nice to hear from you. Now, I'm wondering why time is only on our side "sometimes" instead of all the time, you know? lol. Thanks for enjoying this post!

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Elizabeth said...

I've already been thinking about what direction to take for next year's challenge. Still coming up dry, but there's still time...


Look forward to Monday. I missed this week's "T".

Congrats to Tina.


klahanie said...

Um 'Race against time' aka 'Aliens who hate clocks'...
You are so behind the times. I have done timely postings that you aren't even aware of.

klahanie said...

And of course, never one to self-promote or start up competitions about the alphabet etc.
I wouldn't really leave this link :)
Have a good weekend, my awesome blogger friends.

Alina said...

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