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Letter Play - 'Juno' Yearbook Movie Scrapbook Layout

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In celebration of the Class of 2012 and their upcoming summer vacation, I put together a little movie scrapbook layout inspired by the comedy starring Ellen Paige, Michael Cera and Jennifer Garner. You know how the senior class usually has a yearbook that they get their friends to sign? Well, why not try making a yearbook page just for family and friends who are just as excited to celebrate a huge milestone in the life of their favorite son, daughter, nephew, niece, get the picture?! If nothing else, it gives you somewhere to place those photos that either didn’t make it in the yearbook or have just been snapped during the graduation.

Basic Materials

To make this Juno inspired yearbook movie scrapbook layout, you will need one 81/2 by 11 inch sheet each of white, black, gold (or yellow), orange, maroon (or red) and purple cardstock paper. You will also need green letters J, U and N; one glue stick, scissors, ruler and scrap paper. The remaining materials needed for this scrapbook page include one green, orange and black marker each. Photos, embellishments and other graphics are optional.


Step 1. Divide your orange cardstock sheet into one-inch sections, using a ruler and pencil. If done correctly, this sheet will have 11 vertically drawn lines on one side, when finished.

Step 2. Divide your white cardstock into one-inch sections using the same directions in Step 1 and then cut out five one-inch strips, using scissors.

Step 3. Starting with the second orange section, glue one white strip on top of every other section on your orange cardstock sheet.

Step 4. Cut out two 3 by 3 inch squares from your black cardstock sheet and then glue one square each in the upper right and lower left corners of the orange cardstock sheet.

Step 5. Apply the green J, U and N letter to the lower right side of the orange cardstock sheet, using your glue stick.

Step 6. Cut out a 3 by 4 or 3 by 5 inch square shape from your maroon (or red) cardstock sheet and then glue it to the middle of your orange sheet. It should be positioned lengthwise between the two black squares.

Step 7. Cut out two thin strips of yellow cardstock to match the length of your maroon shape and then cut out one thicker strip of yellow cardstock. Set these items aside and then cut out one thin strip of purple cardstock to match the length of your yellow strips. Repeat this step to make four thin white cardstock strips.

Step 8. Glue the thick yellow strip over the top edge of your maroon shape and then glue the thin yellow strips of cardstock on the bottom of this shape, keeping enough space between them to add the purple strip. Glue the purple strip between the two thin yellow strips of cardstock, overlapping them, if necessary. Glue one white strip of cardstock between the yellow and purple strips and then use the remaining two white strips to create a border around the outer edges of your top and bottom yellow cardstock strips.

Step 9. Decorate by gluing photos in the center of the two black squares and attaching logos or one additional photo in the center of the maroon cardstock shape. Ask family, friends, classmates, etc. to sign your yearbook scrapbook page -OR- sign it yourself, pass it around to other family members and then give as a memento gift to a recent school graduate. It’s a nice activity for elementary, middle, high school and/or college graduation parties, where you could also utilize the back of the scrapbook sheet as well to provide more space for guests to write a message and sign for the graduate in the class of 2012!

Here is an example that I made using photos of actor Jude Law, who was the May 2012 King Dong on my blog:

I also added Paulie Bleeker’s team logo in the middle, just to show you all some possibilities for decorating your own Juno inspired yearbook scrapbook page.

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Lynn Proctor said...

this is so clever!!

Unknown said...

Total envy of your craftiness.

Arlee Bird said...

This is very creative. All of my kids are past graduation unless any of them shoot for more college degrees.

Tossing It Out

Tracy MacDonald said...

My daughter would love this when we celebrate her 4th grade graduation next week. A great keepsake.

Nicole said...

Lynn Proctor,

Thanks! Let me know if you try it.

Jennifer Forbes,

Aw, you are so kind...there might be a crafty bone in you too...ever reuse an old t-shirt to wash your car or clean the kitchen floor? That's craftiness right there! :)


I'm glad you think so. If your kids have any birthdays or family vacations coming up in June, you guys and gals could just put a spin on this by doing a Jun. scrapbook page from a birthday party or vacation photos.

Tracy Mermeo (A2Z Mommy)

See, that's what I'm talking about! 4th Grade graduation only happens time like the present to capture those wonderful moments :)

If you don't have an album to stick it in, you can also laminate the scrapbook page (AFTER everyone has signed some area on the front and back of the sheet, for your daughter, of course) and hang it on the wall or put it in a double-sided frame to sit on a shelf in her bedroom!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun project to do with the kids. Have to admit I like doing stuff like this too. I still color. Yes, with crayons. But don;t tell anyone.

Tina said...

I was a scrap-booking maniac for a while and own some really nice tools. Life took over. Jake's baby book is complete through 6 months. Luke's baby book has some pictures tucked inside the plastic sleeves, waiting for me to do something.
I like this idea lot though, and not just because Juno is a favorite movie ;-}
If the time to scrap-book should arise again, I'll keep this great idea in mind.
Tina @ Life is Good
Post A-Z Road trip!