Friday, June 15, 2012

Alphabet Soup - Theatrical Title Twisters

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It’s time for Alphabet Soup - The Word Scramble Puzzle of A to Z Wizards!

Did you know? - Although thousands of movies are made each year, many of them are never shown in a public theater before being exhibited on television or other entertainment platforms. The black-and-white romance film “For Lovers Only” was released on iTunes and VOD cable; Disney’s animated film “The Return of Jafar” was a direct-to-video release as opposed to “Aladdin,” earned over $500 million in box office revenue worldwide.

So today, T is for Theatrical Titles -- let’s play!

Unscramble the following titles of movies starting with Letter T that received a theatrical release. The first commenter who has unscrambled all of them, or who has unscrambled the most at best, wins this week’s Alphabet Soup game. Answers and the name of the winner will be posted here at the A to Z blog during next week’s “Friday Fun Time.” 

eT toinTrehrma


reanpotrTsr The




odineu TrrcThp


Tina at Life is Good currently leads as the Alphabet Wizard, based on her win from the previous Jumbled Jungle of Js word scramble. Will any of you succeed in topping her unscrambling wizardry this weekend? We shall find out!

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Tina said...

1) The Terminator (my all time favorite sci-fi movie)

2) Transformers

3) The Transporter (Not to be missed. Jason Stratham. Need I say more?)

4) Trainspotting

5) Tangled

6) Takers

7) Tropic Thunder

8) Trois

I don't know if this disqualifies me or's not like I googled or imdb'd, I just asked my neighbor for help on #1 and #7. Mary is a rock-star at word games and will you please let us share the prize? I'm embarrassed I didn't get Terminator on my being my fave and all. Maybe I shouldn't confess to any of this...but that's just me.

Tina @ Life is Good
Post A-Z Road trip!

Arlee Bird said...

No fair! Tina you're too good at this!
What the heck is Trois? I don't recall that one.

Tossing It Out

Nicole said...


Really?!!! I can't believe that you took a stab at them all but you did mention your competitive trait, so I guess it's to be expected, lol. I am both impressed and flattered that you brought in help from a third-party (your neighbor) on this week's word scramble. It's nice to know that someone is participating...I was starting to wonder for a minute when I noticed only two responses on this post.

Arlee Bird,

Maybe we'll have to quarantine Tina's participation in Alphabet Soup, lol. Just kidding though...I have a better idea.....until someone else gives Tina a run for her money by competing to top her alphabet scrambling wizardry, I say it's all fair game to me! :)

Maybe Trois is a real movie, maybe it isn't ;) Maybe it's the answer to #8 and maybe it isn't....I'll let you know next week...I had to throw one in there that I knew would send your head spinning, lol. Maybe that's the one...or maybe it's another film. Ha!

Donald Pennington said...

Just so you know, I missed this years and I'm already kicking myself. celebrate June being my highest page view month EVER I'm doing one of my own in July. No Sundays leaves exactly 26 other days. Thanks for the idea.

I plugged you in my post. I can't stand not seeing attribution. :D

SpacerGuy said...

I've seen the top three movies, Terminator, Transformers and Transporter. Terminators good but I reckon Terminator 2 is better! Do I get a goody bag for peeking? LOL.