Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A to Z Challenge Sign-ups start today! #atozchallenge

       The list is open.  You can now sign up. Yes, it's not the 30th here in the US, but it is elsewhere, so HERE YOU GO! Please enter your information carefully with your correct blog URL (address) so that the link goes to your blog main page (and not a specific post).  Before doing this read below about the new category codes we are offering.

       If you still are not familiar with what the A to Z Challenge is then click the tab at the top of this page that says "What Is Blogging From A to Z".

       Also, please stop by the co-hosting blogs to let them know that you have signed up for the Challenge.  Show us your appreciation by becoming a follower of our blogs and introduce yourself to us.  You can find the list of A to Z co-hosts to the right of this page about halfway down the sidebar.  While you're on the sidebar please become a follower of this blog and click that you "Like Us" on FaceBook.

        Once you've signed up, show others that you will be part of the A to Z Challenge by adding the official A to Z badge to your blog site.  Use the code on the sidebar to create a badge that clicks directly to the A to Z Blog site.  Or if you prefer to just add the image, then please add the A to Z Blog URL so your visitors can click on the badge to be directed to this blog site.  Your help is very important in letting others know about the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

       Since the more the merrier for this mega-networking event, help us spread the word: 
  •  Tweet it on the #atozchallenge tag
  •  Blog about it
  •  Connect with us on twitter via @AprilA2Z 
  •  Connect with us on Facebook 
  •  Add us on Google+
  •  Guest post AZ Challenge tips from now till end March on the main blog if you're a challenge veteran 
           For more information and to stay on top of developments, I recommend you follow the  
    A to Z Challenge Blog (@AprilA2Z) and the hosts: (please follow both blogs and twitter for updates!)

           We have Contact Us and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tabs at the top of the A to Z page in case there are things you need to know or problems that you may have concerning the Challenge.   Let us know if you find a link that you think is faulty or directs you to a non-participating site.  We are going to try to keep the list filled only with active A to Z participants, but we will need everybody's help to do this.   After today, the A to Z Linky list will be found at the tab at the top of the page that says "2013 A to Z Challenge Sign Up/List" .    

     This year, per many of your requests, we're introducing Blog Categories for Participants. This is entirely Optional, other than for blogs with Adult Content, which will be taken off the list unless marked (AC). 

    If you'd like to pick a category, please choose One from the list of 22 categories listed below, and add the code after your name/ blog name while signing up on the linky list. e.g. Damyanti Biswas - Amlokiblogs (WR)

    Only the codes from the following list will be admissible, in the format they are presented below, in capital letters enclosed in parentheses:  e.g. (WR)   You may sign up with just your blog name, and include one of the following codes.   But please note that once you have decided on a code, you won't have the option to change it.   Multiple entries of the same blog, and ad sites will be deleted.


    1. WRITING :                          (WR)

    2. BOOKS:                              (BO)

    3. FILM :                                  (FM)

    4. PHOTOGRAPHY:               (PH)

    5. GARDENING:                     (GR)

    6. CRAFT:                               (CR)

    7. ART:                                    (AR)

    8. MUSIC:                               (MU)

    9. CULINARY:                         (CU)

    10. LIFESTYLE:                      (LI )  

    11. FASHION:                          (FA)

    12. PERSONAL:                      (PR)

    13. SOCIAL MEDIA:                (SO)

    14. GAMING:                           (GA)

    15. EDUCATION :                    (ED)

    16. POLITICS:                          (PO)

    17. HISTORY:                           (HI)

    18. SCIENCE:                          (SC)

    19. HUMOR:                             (HU)

    20. TRAVEL:                             (TR)

    21. MISCELLANEOUS:            (MI)

    22. ADULT CONTENT:             (AC)

           There's lots more to come on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge Blog so keep checking back on a regular basis so you don't miss any news.  Now get your link on the list if you've decided to be a part of this year's Challenge.  The list will be open for sign-ups until April 1 so if you're not sure whether or not you want to participate you will still have plenty of time to decide.  But get your name on the list as soon as you've made your decision.  There are new blogs to discover, bloggers to meet, and networking to be done!

    The 2013 A to Z Sign-up List is here.

    Sign up now or as soon as you've made your decision to join us in the 2013 Challenge. You'll be glad you did!

    If you have any questions or comments please let us know in the comment section below.

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    klahanie said...

    Thanks for letting me know. Which officially means my alternative satire postings can soon commence!

    And as per usual, the irony will be that I increase awareness of the challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet. Gosh, I'm nice.

    And you should of said "please" in regards to tweeting and blogging and Farcebook and Google +. Manners, my good people, manners...


    Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

    Gary, that's why we dig you!

    Let the Challenge begin!

    AtoZ said...

    Bloggers, while we really appreciate you signing up, we would deeply appreciate if you stuck to ONE category, in the format presented.

    Once the list grows long, it would be very messy indeed for everyone to look through if we have more than one category (and other un-uniformities!).


    Dani said...

    Help! I can't see where to sign up?

    J.L. Campbell said...

    Now to start planning those posts early.

    Trisha said...

    I just added my link but it's not showing up. Weirdness?

    Who Woulda Thought? said...

    I'm in but I didn't have a particular category....

    betty said...

    yea! 87 this year; in the 1400s last year :) getting excited!!!!


    klahanie said...

    Hey Alex, I know, it's all good fun and I've made friends with all the hosts of the challenge. How ironic but fun :)

    Hi Damyanti! :)

    Unknown said...

    Hi Gary! A 100 sign-ups already. This is exciting!

    For those who are having trouble signing up, try refreshing the list. Since so many are signing up at the moment, the list might be a little wonky with its updates.

    The Armchair Squid said...

    Doh! I messed up my link (#47)! It should be I had the blogspot and the armchairsquid switched. Is there any way I can get in there to edit it or do I need to add it on elsewhere? Please advise: Thanks.

    Melissa Ann said...

    Woo Hoo, 104! So excited to get started.

    Laura S. said...

    I'm happy you implemented categories this year! Thank you so much for doing that!!

    Sopphey Vance said...

    I'm too pumped for this. Got the heads up from Twitter! Keep up the great job all.


    The Armchair Squid said...

    I went ahead and put in the right one. Please delete the one at #47. Thank you!

    - The Armchair Squid

    Jolie du Pre said...

    Signed up. No Horror category. No Paranormal category. And I refuse to designate my blog as Miscellaneous.

    So, there you go.

    Loca4crafts said...

    Just realized I entered the wrong link for my blog, #136 Loca for Language. I will reenter, but you can delete the first entry :) I got a little excited!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm pumped and ready to go! I have my theme and I'm outlining and filling in mu posts ahead of time as I usually do!

    Unknown said...

    Consider me signed up! I'm so excited for this!


    Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

    Hi Tina .. all systems go - it would appear .. well done organisers all.

    Cheers Hilary

    Empty Nest Insider said...

    Wow, the list is growing quickly! I think you'll break new records this year Lee!

    Anonymous said...

    Entry #187 contained typos in the link (darn smartphones and tiny screens). Entry #188 is correct.

    Anonymous said...

    Happy to be part of this...been looking forward to it for a while. Best to all the hosts this year! Happy Wednesday :)

    Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

    Hi, I just signed up for my third year! Just to let you know, the code on the button on the sidebar doesn't seem to be working. Thanks for all of your hard work, you guys.

    Kathy M.

    Jemima Pett said...

    Hey! I'm in at #269! Looking forward to some greating hopping this year now I've got my Blogger ID sorted (Thanks for the tip, Arlee!)

    I'm trying to give you a short story or a book review, or at least a short something or other this year. I presume you'd like the 'full length' short stories in installments? That's another challenge, but I'll manage!

    Have fun everyone! Jemima Pett

    Daniel B. said...

    Hey! Pretty exciting. This is my first year, and I'm looking forward to the challenge. Thanks for running it!

    Anonymous said...

    I was so keen to sign up for this challenge I registered on the bus to work, before I'd even had my breakfast!

    Looking forward to checking out the other blogs and bring on April :)

    Nicole said...

    Jamie and Hilary,

    It's nice to see you both back again for this years challenge!

    Deanna said...

    This might be just the thing I'm looking for to get my blogging juices flowing again. I'm looking forward to playing along. Thank you for hosting!


    Timothy S. Brannan said...

    Signed up my second blog today!

    Unknown said...

    My bloggy-blog is in surgery at the mo, so I can't sign up quite yet. I recall adding my name at the last minute in 2012, so am hoping the same will be available for 2013. Quite excited to throw my hat in the ring! :)