Monday, January 14, 2013

A to Z Team 2013

Another Challenge, Another A to Z Team! 

        Well, folks, it's official!  The 2013 A to Z Team is in place and we have another great line-up for you this year.   Our Team is here to help you with the Challenge and inspire you along the way.  We will be having some extremely helpful posts from the A to Z Co-hosts in the months to come.  You will want to be sure to check in daily to see what's new as well as reminders about things you may have forgotten.

         Since this 4th annual Challenge is occurring in lucky year number '13, we have thirteen A to Z Team members to help make the Challenge a success.  Most of the team are members from last year who have returned with a lot of experience behind them, while there are three new ones coming on board to take the place of those who couldn't make it for this year's Challenge.

        So without further ado, say hello to The 2013 A to Z Team:

The A to Z Team 2013!

Arlee Bird      Tossing It Out                           @ArleeBird
Damyanti Biswas      Amlokiblogs                    @damyantig
Alex J. Cavanaugh      Alex J. Cavanaugh        @alexjcavanaugh 
Tina Downey     Life is Good                          @TinaLifeisGood
DL Hammons         Cruising Altitude 2.0             @DL_H
Jeremy Hawkins       Retro-Zombie                  @iZombieJMH
Shannon Lawrence        The Warrior Muse         @thewarriormuse
Matthew MacNish       The QQQE                      @MatthewMacNish
Konstanz Silverbow       No Thought 2 Small      @KonstanzS
Stephen Tremp        Breakthrough Blogs            @StephenTremp
Livia Peterson       Leave it to Livia                  @LiviaGPeterson
L. Diane Wolfe        Spunk on a Stick                 @SpunkOnAStick 
Nicole  Ayers      The Madlab Post                      @madlabpost

Who Are the New Team Members?

         Livia Peterson started her blog Leave It To Livia last May, heading full force into the blogging world to make her presence known in many ways including landing a place on the A to Z Team.  Her blogging niche includes movies, entertainment, and, of course, writing.  She's ready to take the blog world by storm so be sure to head on over to her blog and become friends with her now.  We think you'll like Livia.

         L. Diane Wolfe was already in the blogging circle that I fell into nearly four years ago and I feel honored to be a part of her blog circle of friends.  Diane is an expert on writing, public speaking, marketing, and promotion.  In other words, she's a valuable contact to have.  You can find her at Spunk on a Stick.  If you're not following her blog, then now's the time to head on over and do so.

        Nicole Ayers from The Madlab Post is probably a very familiar name to A to Z'ers by now.  In fact you may be wondering, "Isn't she already on the A to Z Team?"   Nicole has been responsible for our Friday posts over the past several months as she sat in as an unofficial Team Member.  Now it's official--Nicole is part of the Team.  If you are looking for some inspiration about A to Z themes you may want to check out some her previous Friday posts on that topic.  And be sure to follow her blog if you aren't doing so already.

Follow The Leaders

      The links to all of the Team blogs can be found in the list above.  If there are any that you are not yet following then hop on over to their blogs and click the "Follow" button.   You will want to check in with all of these bloggers on a regular basis for the latest A to Z Challenge news and for helpful tips about the Challenge and blogging in general.

      The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Blog is another must for all Challenge participants.  Up until April we will be presenting plenty of information about the Challenge, the participants, and the Team members.  You don't want to miss any of the posts here, especially between now and April.

       If you haven't done so yet, explore the tabbed pages above.  Some are still being updated and revised.  If you need to contact the Challenge administrators or individual Team members go to the "Contact Us" tab.   If you have questions about the Challenge then first read "What Is the A to Z Blogging Challenge?" and if your questions aren't answered there then look at "FAQ" to see if your questions are answered there.  If not, just ask us and we'll find you an answer.

        The sign up list will start on Wednesday January 30th.   We're ready.  Are you?


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Jolie du Pre said...

Congrats to your new team members. (I would have been an excellent team member had I been chosen. One of the best, in fact. ) Anyhoo . . . I'm looking forward to getting started on January 30th with the sign-up list, and I'll soon be writing my blog posts in advance and getting them set up for the April hop.

Anonymous said...

Will certainly sign up for this years. Perhaps you are not aware I was the first to sign up in the very first A to Z. Now I expect I shall have to queue to get my name on the list,


Francene Stanley said...

I'm ready. I'll encorporate A - Z into my daily blog.

Tina said...

Nice intro, Lee and Damyanti! So excited. Now off to learn Twitter...
Tina @ Life is Good
Co-host April 2013 A-Z Challenge

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ready for my fourth Challenge - bring it on!

Lynn Proctor said...

a great team!!

cleemckenzie said...

Yep! All ready.

Matthew MacNish said...

It's all very exciting. Especially the new co-hosts!

Shannon Lawrence said...

And the countdown begins!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Callie Leuck said...

I am considering participating, but will there be "groups" this year with mass emails? I was not expecting the mass emails last year and since it was just a mass email and not an email list, there was no way to opt out of that aspect.

J.L. Campbell said...

Trying to wrap a project I started last year around the A-Z. That might be the only way to get it finished.

Jo said...

I am looking forward to A to Z again this year, last year being my first. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was nice to meet so many people.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Callie, I'm not sure what mass emails you're talking about? Could you email us at so we can figure that out? We did each send out an initial email to let people know who their assigned co-host was, but that is the only one I'm aware of.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Callie Leuck said...

Shannon, I emailed that address and put "For Shannon" in the subject line. (I'm assuming that's likely a group inbox.) I do enjoy A-Z, but that was a bit surprising and overwhelming last year. Definitely not trying to be whiny, just want to know how to avoid a situation I didn't enjoy last year.

Empty Nest Insider said...

Congrats to all of the co-hosts! I'm looking forward to participating in my third A to Z!

Shaharizan Perez said...

This looks like wonderful fun. I am going to take the leap and join. *scared*

Can't wait!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lee - definitely in .. and 13 is an excellent number ... being born on one is a bonus!

You and your team do a tremendous job ...

Cheers Hilary

Jen said...

Hello new team members! I can't believe it's time to start thinking about a new A-Z Challenge already :) BUT I'm looking forward to it. I learned so much last year and I'm way better prepared this year!

Here's to a GREAT Challenge in 2013!!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I am so excited to join up this year again for my 2nd go around.

Looking forward to meeting the new team too.

~Naila Moon

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to the A to Z Challenge team! : )