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Monday, February 25, 2013

#atozchallenge news -- Here's Who's Been Helping Out

         Oops!  What day is it?   I guess I totally lost track of time!

Here are some great bloggers who have been helping promote the April Challenge:

Jen from We're Living a Full Life put in a push for A-to-Z'ing in April.

I encourage you out there to follow Angela from Whole Foods Living.  She's coming back for a another year, but still doesn't have as many followers as she should have.  You might get some good eating advice while you're there.

With the help of Jimi Hendrix, Bill at Images By Bil paid homage to the April Challenge.  Go over and check out his cool artwork--Jimi Hendrix is the subject of one of them.

An outstanding promo post was delivered by Jolie at Precious Monsters.   She covers a lot of bases in this post so please go to it, read it, and then tweet it, send it to friends, and spread it around.  Jolie is one our A to Z staffers.

Our own A to Z co-host Nicole Ayers offered some excellent Challenge advice in a guest post at Write Non-fiction Now!     Especially if you're still trying to come up with an idea for April posts or are afraid to sign up because you can't think of a theme, check this out.

She may be a newcomer to the Challenge, but Shirlene from Just Good Stories promoted the A to Z like a vet.   Go to her blog and help fuel her enthusiasm.

Thank you Colin D. Smith for the mention and the fascinating Challenge analysis.  That should be of some help to bloggers looking for Challenge advice.

Then there's Dennis at LimeBird Writers (now that's a group I can fly with).  He's got his April plans all mapped out as evidenced in his post about the Challenge.

Thanks all!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Arlee! I'm glad I can participate again this year! Bring it on! ~Angela

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for the shout-out! I'm happy to be involved with A to Z!!

  3. Happy to spread the word!Thanks for the mention.

  4. Planning some road trips to get around to these guys.

  5. Whoo hoo!!! My promo post is scheduled for I think March 3rd.

  6. This really is becoming a huge event in the blogger calendar.


  7. Thank you to each one am looking forward to the challenge.

  8. Yay for the support!
    I'm off to check out some of these links--------- WHOOSHES AWAY------

  9. Sorry my blog have been having probs.
    but think I am over at last.

  10. Thanks for the mention, Arlee! I'm looking forward to the challenge. :)

  11. These guys and gals are great!! Thank you for your support and efforts!

  12. We sure appreciate all of you, and if you've done a promo and we missed you, please send the info, with link to Arlee (email in contact tab) so you can be included in the next "round-up" of our promoters!

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  13. Nothing much happens without supporters. You guys rock!

  14. Trying to get caught up on blog visiting, and will now add these folks to the list! ;)

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  17. Hi Alree,
    What a Wonderful Team.
    Congrats to all.
    I am sure these ambassadors
    will be a great help in promoting
    the great challenge.
    As you know I am at Tina's place.
    We Wish All A Happy Blogging
    Best Regards

    Phil @ Philipscom
    An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina's Life is Good And My My Bio-blog

  18. I'm working on my posts also. Who knew letter B could be so hard?!


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