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Friday, November 21, 2014

Characters Who Blog

The other day I caught the end of the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers film on TV. It's my favorite of Peter Jackson's adaptations, in no small part because of his depiction of Gollum. A tragic character, I always find myself drawn in by his multiple personality disorder and obsessive love for the object of his (both literal and figurative) demise. 

As such a fascinating creature, I couldn't help but wonder what he might write about if he participated in the A to Z Challenge. Let's take a look: 

I have such a soft spot for tortured characters, especially ones who are at odds with themselves. Gollum was definitely some of Tolkien's best work. I hope his blog inspires you in your upcoming A to Z Challenge foray! 

Have a great weekend everyone and as always, happy blogging!

S. L. Hennessy can be found blogging over at Pensuasion


  1. He is tragic in a way. The ring played on his greed and used him but if he had had the heart of a hobbit or Aragon, he could have denied its pull.
    That would be a fun A to Z

  2. That is great. Yes, such a tortured character.

  3. Hi SL - it would be a great theme ... and could be adapted any which way ... characters, authors, scientists .. good idea ... cheers Hilary


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