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Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to Add Your Social Media Buttons to Your #AtoZChallenge Posts

Today's tip is from An Unconventional Alliance Team Member Rajlakshmi who blogs at A Twinkle Eyed Traveller

I know you all are super busy writing, scheduling, bookmarking and drinking coffee in tons and gallons, so I will keep it really short and crisp.

Since A to Z April Challenge is a great opportunity to connect with bloggers around the world, here's few more tips to help you increase your social media visibility and highlight your talents.
1) Pinterest Pin It Button on Image - The Pin It button appears on the image when you hover your mouse over it. This makes it extremely easy for readers to share your beautiful captures on Pinterest. Check out the steps provided in this tutorial (

2) Instagram Widget - If you are an Instagram addict like me then you gotta have this on your blog. Simple to configure and easy to use. Check here - How to Add Instagram Widget (

3) Facebook Page Like Box-  This can either be added as a widget on the sidebar or it could appear as a pop up when your site loads. Click here for widget - and here for Page load -

Best of luck for the challenge!!
May the the force be with you. 


  1. Great! Thanks for the tips!! :)Good luck to everyone!

    Seena from

  2. Maybe with a Pinterest button, Mini-Alex could go viral...

  3. Thanks, you have saved many of us so much time finding these gadgets.

  4. Thanks Pam, timely information. I have changed sites this year and am going through the pain of setting everything up again, and of course Blogger is not co-operating - feedly button is currently driving me nuts, but I did manage to get the #atozchallenge challenge badge on there. Now to test if my social media buttons are working.
    Reflex Reactions

  5. Awesome tips Rajlakshmi..very important to have these buttons configured...

  6. Many Thanks to team member Rajlakshmi! We sometimes forget to use these buttons.

  7. Great tips, many thanks Rajlakshmi!


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  11. Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing with "the class."


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