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Book Blog Tours #AtoZchallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter B

We're celebrating our Tenth Anniversary here at the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

#AtoZchallenge. The blog hop that made an online community by asking bloggers to spend the month of April using the English alphabet as inspiration for their posts. We're glad you stopped by today.

Book Blog Tours 

There are plenty of authors and book bloggers in the A to Z challenge. Simon says raise your hand if you know what a book blog tour is!

*cough* This blog held one earlier this year. If you're not a newb, your hand should be up. *cough*

Okay. Simon says you can put your hand back down. Book Blog Tours are an easy way for writers to reach a larger audience. It also gains your blog extra exposure from people who are looking for information on a certain book. Plus, it's an easy post to create, so that's freebie content.

Book Blog Tours #AtoZchallenge

Sometimes bloggers who aren't authors or book-bloggers aren't sure how a novel could tour on their blog. Here's a list of ten categories of blogs and ways they could invite certain books to tour:
  1. Culinary blogs could host novels that have unusual food. (The Hunger Games eventually got a cookbook.) Or non-fiction recipe books, because those can tour too. 
  2. Entertainment blogs could compare a book to a movie, television show, or play. Or perhaps use books that reference certain bands or music. (Rock-fiction is a thing.)
  3. Genealogy blogs could host books that feature characters who look up their genealogy.
  4. Health blogs could discuss books with characters who have certain health issues. (The diverse book movement is encouraging more of these!)
  5. Lifestyle and Social blogs could interview authors or characters who live the certain lifestyles featured on the blog. (I've interviewed an author who lives on a boat and another who traveled around the world.)
  6. Mythology and Folklore blogs are perfect for novels with that subject.
  7. Parenting/Family blogs are a great place for children's' books to tour.
  8. Spirituality and Religion blogs might be a good place for books with characters of faith.
  9. Travel blogs could compare their journey with those of a character who travels.
  10. Women's Interest blogs could feature books with strong female characters.

I hope this list has inspired you to invite an author to tour on your blog. Do you know of a book that fits one of the types of blogs listed?

That's the link to the Master List. You can find, and hop to, all the blogs officially participating on that sheet.

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Jade Li said...

Interesting idea. I'll keep it in mind for my blog.

Lisa said...

I do book blog tours on 2 other blogs :D

ladyleemanila said...

a Ballade from me :)

XmasDolly said...

All I know is I'm going to have to reread this one when I'm more awake. Goodnight to all! Hugs

Masoom said...

Yes this is my post on Letter B

Jackie said...

I like promoting books on my blog especially when the author gives you a free copy ARC. Laura Kaye and Jennifer Estep are favourite authors who have given me free paperback copies of their books. Also when you do a Cover Reveal, they give you all the content for your blog. I am signed up with a few book promotions site as well but honestly? You can write reviews on Amazon for just about anything and it's good practice.
Jackie's Bookbytes Letter B

Namratha said...

A haiku from me for B. Also featuring the famous haiku poet Matsuo Basho
Haiku @ NamySaysSo

Cathy Kennedy said...

Thanks to you beautiful bloggers who keep the torch going in this annual event. Bravo & big hugs to you boys & broads!��

Y'all come see me for today's Little Mermaid Art Sketch feature B is for Bishop on Curious as a Cathy!

Anita Sabat said...

B for Boat & B for Bali. How would you like to visit Bali by boat?
Odisha And Bali Connection- Anita

KatyTrailCreations said...

Bear's Paw for Letter B is here:

I'm down for featuring one of those cookbook authors :)
Stephanie Finnell
@randallbychance from
Katy Trail Creations

Sharon E. Cathcart said...

B is for Baincthun

Join me in celebrating the 10th anniversary of my debut novel, In The Eye of The Beholder


Charan Deep Singh said...

B is for Bhes Badalna (It is Hindi for Putting on a Disguise). In this I talk about yet another trope used in Hindi Films / Bollywood Films. And how we fall for it every time.Read here B : Bhes Badalna

Angie said...

I was a book blogger for about 6 years, so I'm very familiar with blog tours! I agree that they're definitely easy and fun, since there's a variety of post types.

Varsha said...

Thank you for this detailed post. I'm a lifestyle blogger from India, I always wanted to interview women in my field :)
This post was an eye-opener for sure :)

My second post - B- Bhogave Beach. The most serene beach in Sindhudurg.

AtoZChallenge #vigorousreads

The Joyous Living said...

as someone who loves to review books, how do you get to be part of a book blog tour?


Unknown said... said...

I have written a book using the mermaid theme I did in 2017. It's under submission right now so perhaps I'll be able to do a book blog tour with it one of these years.
I do have a book coming out in April of 2020 so will definitely plan a book tour for that one!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Great B post!

Fred from

Sunita said...


A free verse dedicated to the most beautiful and intelligent part of the universe.

Here is my take on the day.

Beverley Baird said...

B is for books and believe

J-Dub said...

Here is my entry for B -

Antoinette said...

So interesting for B

Roland Clarke said...

I join a few blog tours each year for authors that ask me - and tweet about others.

Lady In Read said...

My post for the letter B is -

Jessica Marcarelli said...

I need to look into book tours myself again. I never did it when I was really active on my blog three years ago and I think I missed out.

Visions of Other Worlds

Anjana said...

My blog for the B day is - Please do stop by and tell me your views.

kaykuala said...

My posting is here:


Gregory L. Frieden said...

My posting is here!!

J Lenni Dorner said...

Joy-- Search for "debut authors" on sites like Twitter. Then invite the author to do a tour on your blog. Once you've done a few, they'll start coming to you. Create a page on your blog (different from a post) that discusses your review policies and book interests. For examples, use the A to Z hop to visit a bunch of book bloggers to see how they do it.

Pr@Gun said...