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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Whirlwind Romance: Guest Post from Mish, Writer-in-Transit

        Today, January 26th, marks a first year anniversary for Mish's blog Writer-in-Transit.  As part of her celebration of blogging she is here to tell about her love affair with the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

                                         A Whirlwind Romance

No matter what people say or how much you read about a whirlwind romance, nothing can prepare you for the experience!

Last year, I had a holiday romance. My very first! You know the one where you live in the moment; steal away to connect at every available spare moment; experience that heady anticipation; constantly think ahead to the next tryst; you know it cannot last forever but you can’t help yourself anyway… you are sucked in by this entire episode.

The daily rendezvous was exciting… magical… and just three days short of the end, life threw me a curve ball and – BOOM!! It was over! Just like that! I mean, I knew that it wouldn’t last forever, but to have the “rug pulled from under my feet” was a major anti-climax…

And that, dear bloggers, describes my 2011 A-Z experience. Despite the curve ball (of a technical nature), I DID complete the challenge but failed to do so within the specified time-frame (I posted X, Y & Z two days late…)

Sadly, there was no one to greet me at the end of my Zip-a-dee-doo-dah post. I even re-worked the lyrics of that rather infectious, happy-go-lucky-not-a-care-in-the-world styled song, to suit the mood of that moment.

My oh my what a sense of dismay
Total deflation at the end of the day
Zip-a-dee-ay !!

I didn’t get to collect the wonderful “I survived” button or even write a Reflection post (well that’s a whole different story…)

Now to the good news!! This whirlwind romance will resume in about 2 months time. I can’t wait for it… the anticipation… the trysts… the frenzy… the feeling of being swept away on a sea of emotions… and I will be there, wearing my heart on my sleeve!

        Some steamy fun ahead for the participants of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  Sign-ups begin on Monday January 30th.  Are you ready to be "swept away on a sea of emotions".   Now hop on over to Writer-in-Transit and say hello to Mish and a bon voyage for her journey into another year of blogging and a new A to Z Challenge.  Thank you, Mish,  for visiting us today.

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  1. Thank you to Arlee for this opportunity to write a guest post for the A-Z Blog.
    Just a typo error... at the end you've typed 'hop over and say hello to Alana'... LOL!

  2. Aww, how nicely put.
    Alana, You sound just as excited about the Challenge as I am:)

  3. I'm sorry your fun was curtailed abruptly last year - yay for second chances!

  4. Good luck for this year's challenge.I find them wonderful, make lots of friends and read others post.


  5. We are happy to have you deliver this unique perspective. Sorry about the name--fixed now. I guess I'm doing too many things at once.


  6. @Marta ~ I'm super-excited...

    @Sarah ~ I'll echo that... YAY for second chances.

    @World of Poetry ~ Yes, the challenge is a great networking tool. Good luck to you,too...

    @Arlee ~ *chuckles* That seems to be the story of your life... busy, busy, busy. Thanks once again.

  7. Wow, never heard a downbeat version of that song before. I feel melancholy.

  8. I think you successfully completed the Challenge!

  9. @Tony ~ sorry about that... it captured my mood at that particular moment (my sincere apologies to all Disney aficionados).

    @Alex ~ you're right, bottom line is, I completed it...

    @Misha ~ that I will... have already started pre-planning.

  10. Loved this piece! What a great analogy of how you experienced the challenge. Kinda reflections post was called "How to Fix Your Sex-life: AZ Challenge Reflections". I think this means you and should be friends ;-) Great to have you guesting here, and glad to finally be able to visit you. Since your email doesn't show up when I get your comments, and it's not on your profile fact your blog isn't either! You're one lady who is hard to find!

    Tina @ Life is Good

    Co-Host of the April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge

    Twitter: #atozchallenge

  11. Great post Mish! I am new to blogging and I am looking forward to participating in the A to Z challenge this year. Thanks for the inspiration and hopefully I will see you at the finish line

  12. Love this piece! Here's to this year's challenge!

  13. @Tina ~ we should definitely hang out... sorry you had to search for me, I'm the tech-challenged kid who has trouble keeping up with everything *sighs*

    @Elizabeth M ~ thanks & I look forward to your delightful posts with the colourful, refreshing, eye-catching fonts.

    @Heather ~ nice to meet you, I was also a newbie when I attempted the A-Z last year... I had a blast! And so will you!

    @SherryE ~ thank you & see you around in April... hope you have a good one.

  14. Look forward to reading your posts Mish.

  15. Amazing! Good to know that you were successful in your first challenge and i wish you all the best for your next one which is in just about 2 months. You must be very much looking forward to it and excited right? :)

  16. @Rek & Elvirah ~ thanks guys!

  17. I'm sure it was a great experience and it would be nice to be able to participate. Well, less than two months from now you'll be experiencing all the fun again. Enjoy!


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