Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting to Know Your Fellow #bloggers #atozchallenge #photoblogs

Featuring Photography Blogs

It’s like visiting a museum or photo exhibit, as you wander through this amazing assortment of brilliant photography blogs. No camera captures the same subject. Nor does it delight in sharing a similar one the same way. Each photographer explores the world through a camera, letting each snapshot reveal a larger story waiting to be shared.

Spud’s Daily Photo: Bill Nichols combines a bit of history with photos he’s taken throughout the years. His photo journalism charms us with a unique point of view and delightful photography.

Throo Da Looking Glass: The combination of haiku and brilliantly captured photographs make this blog stand out. Combine that with the diverse collection of photos taken, and you’re sure to find something that captures your eye!

La Fotografia Efectista Abstracta:  This blog might be in Spanish, but the photos speak to a universal language. You’ll positively be amazed by some of the pictures you see here!

Outreach:  While photography is strongly present on this blog, you’ll also find a plethora of other intriguing posts. Everything from research to random bits of advice, contests and reviews are just a sampling of what you will find here.

Traveling Cats:  Cats, cats and more cats - from in the house to around the world, this is no ordinary photography blog!

Now I know there are a lot more photo blogs out there. These are just a few I came across while doing some blog hopping recently. 

Thanks for capturing the world in pictures for us!

M. J.

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Vidya Sury said...

So lovely to see two people I visit regularly here! Love the initiative of featuring niche blogs, MJ!

Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring my blog Throo Da Looking Glass ! The other blogs are brilliant as well.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Leovi is amazing.
Also participating in the Challenge is Tracy-Jo from Brand New Day - She's already doing a photo a day.

JoJo said...

Oh cool!!! I definitely have to check them out. As some of you know I'm a bit of a photobuff myself.

Jo said...

Enjoyed looking at the photos. In some places, couldn't find a place to leave a comment though. Something which should be addressed. As a minion last year I came across quite a few blogs which had no space for comments.

Leovi said...

Thank you very much for highlighting my blog review among many participants!

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi MJ,
Thanks for introducing these lovely sites, i just visited some of them
Eye capturing pics there, Nice to visit, and relax, Thanks, Have a good day. :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad you all are enjoying these fine blogs. Definitely check out the link Alex recommends too. I only include 5 blogs in these posts, so please feel free to add links to other blogs you know about in the comments.

Tina said...

I know some of these folks, but how wonderful to meet some new ones. Cool idea, MJ how you are highlighting a section of our list!
Tina @ Life is Good
A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014
@TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

Anonymous said...

thank you for featuring my blog. delighted and feel honored. thanks again.

Vanessa Morgan said...

Thank you for featuring my blog Traveling Cats. Much appreciated.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, Susan! You have a lovely blog here, so great to meet another A to Z Challenge participant before the event. I'll pop over to these photography blogs as well.


Sandy said...

Thanks for your visit, hope you're enjoying the a-z. Right you are some of the photo's I've seen while blog walking have been terrific, am always sad when people don't post a picture at all though. I have a little point and click camera...which matches my lack of skill, lol. Still I have memories of where we've been and photo's, even if not award winning ones.

Cute froggy...Traveling Suitcase A-Z Challenge said...

Chag Sameach, Susan!
I'm mesmerized by every visit to La Fotographia. I think it's one of the most magical spots in blogland.