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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloweens Past


This was a photo moment that I'll never forget. My husband had just carved this pumpkin and set it out, when our cat, Champ, jumped onto the railing and poked his nose in to see what that other CAT was doing on his deck. Champ isn't with us anymore, but this delightful moment is, and I trot it out every Halloween to remember and enjoy.

When I debuted with my first book,  I was lucky enough to be in a group called the 2009 Debutantes. A lot of those writers had a lot of experience in promotion, something I sorely lacked. Here's one of their ideas that I took part in that October. We competed to see who could bake the best Halloween cake. Mine was a graveyard cake. I thought it was First Prize material, but I didn't win. Someone much more clever than I baked a Red Velvet Pulsing Heart Cake. I had to admit it was special and creepy. But here's my attempt. 

What do you do to celebrate the ancient holiday? Has anyone done a theme on the A to Z about Halloween? I know it's hard to think about pumpkins in April, but it might be interesting. I'm thinking ahead, you see.


  1. I have written a poem called "Halloween Special" to celebrate this special day, but apart from that I do nothing. I love the picture you have here, very pleasing to the eye,
    Enjoyed the post, Thank you.

  2. I love the cat photo - the cake is great too, but the cat says more to me because we also had a black cat who is no longer with us. You never forget them, do you?

  3. That is a cool kitty picture.
    This year, I'm doing a Trick or Treat Book Blog hop. Basically, I'm handing out books on my blog and a bunch of other authors are as well. It's going good.

  4. I would have voted for your cake. I kind of ignore Halloween now that my children are grown up but I up for cake any time.

  5. I love black cats and your pussy cat looks so sweet. That pumpkin carving is excellent! You cake looks great and also looks delicious:) The pumping heart does sound wild. You're right about A to z on Halloween. I am going out this eve with some friends to a sad bar that plays great music but we call it the Island of misfit toys:) I am going as Goo

  6. A to Z on Halloween would be neat. If someone does that, I would surely follow.

  7. Hi Lee - that chocolate cake looked delicious .. and what a great theme for a cake - clever ... I can see why the beating heart won ... but I'd have selected yours!!!

    Your hubby is very clever to carve that pumpkin cat ... and an A-Z on Halloween would be interesting ... in the meantime - Happy Halloween ... cheers Hilary

    1. Your Oct. 31 post wowed me today, Hilary. What a fabulous group of poppy images contrasted with that eerie Tower.

  8. "Champ the curious" - how sweet. It also seemed as if the pumpkin kitty was just as curious about Champ. The way your husband posed the carving is magical. I can see why you love the photo so.
    I think your cake should have won. There's no way I could have eaten it. The heart cake looked like pudding.

  9. I just love that photograph, cats are just so inquisitive! Quiet Halloween in our house this year as we were out. Even though the youngest is now nearly 16 I usually love decorating the house for all the trick or treaters :) x

  10. Isn't it nice that we can have photographs of our departed friends. Like the look of your cake, looked really spooky.

    Used to go to Hallowe'en parties, but not for many a long year.

  11. That's surely a prize-winning photo - and an amazing cake. Almost a shame to cut into it. Oh, go on then!

  12. I have to say that is one creepy cake. But yeah, I'd eat a big slice of it.


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