Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Idea Donation Day

Did you ever think of a great idea for the A to Z challenge, but not want to use it yourself? Perhaps it seemed like too much work for you, it didn't fit the "brand" of your blog, or you already had an idea you liked more.

That's what today's post is for! Out there in the blogosphere are people who are thinking about joining the challenge, but they don't know what they'd write 26 posts about. (Maybe you're one of these people.) And here in the A to Z community are people with more ideas for the challenge then they could ever post about. (It could be that you're one of them.)

So go for it! Drop off an idea in the comments that you'd like to see someone use for the challenge. Or pick up an idea from the comments and churn out 26 amazing posts. Maybe even both! Share with your community of bloggers.


Nilanjana Bose said...

This is so cool! Thank you.

Here's a possible A-Z theme

26 under 26 - BYO-interpretation - 25 word flash-fiction or poems. A series of photos with 25-word captions. Or 26 films made/books written/song titles/news headlines from the last 25 years...26 places under 26 degrees North/South...many ways to go...

JEN Garrett said...

I'd love to read something that finishes line "26 steps to..."
What's your passion? What have you accomplished? Give us the steps in alphabetical order.

Tami Von Zalez said...

You can do a serial story that will continue from day to day.

You can loosely base the post around the day's letter, it does not have to be "A is for Apple," more like "Appalachian Trail, how to get there and what to do once you are there ..."

Elizabeth said...

I tried the serial story a couple years ago, but it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. Some read the story out of order, coming in the middle or reading the end(along with the twist). I even had a notice at the top of each post that it was a serial story and gave the link for the start at "A for “Admit him. Now!” with no luck.
I'm curious if others had more success.

lissa said...

A-Z authors
A-Z stories about animals, there is an animal starting with x?
A-Z things not to do in an emergency
jokes from A-Z
all your bad habits from A-Z

silly ideas but I think silly ideas works best though I really don't like themes because it's hard to stick to them but I'm sure other people have no problems.

have a lovely day.

Jackie said...

I'd like someone to take a popular book and make 26 blog posts that begin with words found in that book. for i.e: Lord of the rings, or even The Hobbit, I suppose it can be from a movie as well.

Lillian said...

I'd love to see 26 birds, or flowers, or even insects. Nature is so amazing in its variety. This would provide an opportunity for great photographs as well.

Emily in Ecuador said...

I LOVE idea of a photo series with 25-word captions!!! My general theme is set but not the details of it. You might have just set it. Thank you, Nilanjana!

Emily in Ecuador said...

Keith at Keith's Ramblings did that last year. Once I found his blog and enjoyed it, I jumped back to A to catch up.

Miss Andi said...

26 memories you made last year - I like reading about snapshots of other people's lives :)

Unknown said...

A to Z of Genres (Fiction and Non Fiction), A to Z of Mythical Creatures, A to Z of Story Plots No one is using.

Nilanjana Bose said...

Anytime, Emily :) I really enjoyed your posts last year. Look forward to them this April. Nice to reconnect!

Jayden R. Vincente said...

What a great idea!

Brett Minor said...

26 Bucket List-type things to do
26 People who changed History
26 Ways to Improve (Healthcare, gun laws, LGBTQ issues, etc)
26 Things we Don't need any more

Saraallie said...

26 posts on Disney! :D
~ Saraallie
Sara Writes ~ The Crazy Life of a Silly Little Sister

Jamie said...

I'd be interested in an A to Z of:

"Adulting" tips
Cheap& Easy unique gifts to make
Budgeting/ Financial Planning for the broke and disabled in America
Mobile games
Easy car/vehicle tips
Fact guide to the 2018 elections
Religious comparison
Free places to travel
Simple science everyone should know
Writing prompts

Mahak said...

Here are some I thought of but didn't choose:
- toddler snack ideas / kid-friendly meals / school lunches
- toddler activities

Here are some I'd love to read about:
- unique festivals / holidays around the world
- hidden,must-see treasures of the world / your country
- foods of the world

Sarah Butland said...

As an author I'm focusing around the career of writing and marketing and have a few done but am honestly stuck on A. lol

For C I thought of Commitment or Content but wrote about Contests.
Z could be about Zombies or Zombified.

Anyone have one for X?

Julie JordanScott said...

How about A - Z of backroads adventure destinations
26 campgrounds you don't want to miss
26 ways to make someone feel good about themselves

Carrie-Anne said...

A to Z of your hometown, the place you currently live in, or any city you love.
A to Z of your favorite albums.
A to Z of recipes.

Natasha said...

Wow what a fab idea. I'm tempted to use it...anyone else using it?

Natasha said...

Nilanjana love you theme ideas.

J Lenni Dorner said...

A history of X as a letter, a number, a symbol, and a word. I've researched the topic twice. Really interesting. Especially the integration of X in illiterate societies of a certain religion, and the history of tic-tac-toe.