Thursday, March 1, 2018

What the A to Z Challenge Means by THEME

Sign-ups open on MONDAY. (Check when GMT midnight is for you.)

Jayden has been collecting data from the survey. Overwhelming numbers of you agree that having a master list (with all the blogs and lots of information) is imperative, and a fair majority of you are looking forward to also having daily letter lists. We're working hard to make sure 2018 is the best A to Z Challenge yet! 

The questions most asked are "What do you mean by theme?" and "Do I have to have a theme?"


Themes are really fun. They sometimes make the challenge easier. They intrigue audiences. But it's YOUR blog and YOU can do what YOU want. 😊

2)     The difference between a THEME and a CATEGORY:

A category is the TYPE of blog you have (master list), or the type of post you've made (daily letter lists).

A theme is what ties your A to Z 2018 posts together, other than the alphabet.

THEMES ARE NOT MANDATORY. (Wait, really? Yes. Really. πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š ) You could have A for animals and B for baseball and C for coffee -- no theme at all, no ties between your posts except for the alphabet. People have done it. You could cover one category for each letter if that makes you happy.

OR, if you want to have a theme:

"Automotive and Transportation" might be your category. Ford models might be your theme.

"Animals" might be your category. Dogs might be your theme.

You could have a "Personal" blog where you journal (master list category), but use the mythology category for your daily letter lists, with a theme of the mythology of the Hittite. 

(Guess what? You're not required to use the daily letter lists! That's optional too, just like themes.)

3)     A THEME is what the author of the blog hopes the reader will learn about or become interested in.

I know this will shock you, but themes aren't required! (Louder, for the people in the back.) They are, however, really fun. 😸😡

4)     The OPTIONAL theme entry on the master list form is a short description of the theme of your blog's 26 posts.

The THEME REVEAL is a longer post on your blog detailing what your theme is about. It gets the audience excited about your April posts. It's your chance to draw people to your blog sooner.

Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge 2018


We hope that clears this up for you.

#AtoZchallenge rocks!


Anagha Yatin said...

I have a theme in mind and will now put it in words for 19th March post!

JazzFeathers said...

I do have a theme and I'm already researching it. Bit late, since I wasn't wure the challenge was happeing until last month.

Anonymous said...

I just decided....I'm in!

Irene McHugh @ said...

I am relieved to read this update. Last year, I was barely keeping up with the challenge. I took a day or two to make sure I had the alphabet planned, but I was writing the posts every day. I kept wondering how you could comment on posts so consistently. I was wondering if you ever slept. This year I decided to plan much more thoroughly, so I have rough drafts in place already. Hoping to have most fine-tuned and scheduled in the next three weeks, so I can enjoy reading other posts this year!

Suze Hartline said...

I'm in and have zero clue as to a

stacybuckeye said...

I'll be doing a series of top ten lists.