Thursday, April 22, 2021

Solve Word Puzzles #atozchallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter S

Solve Word Puzzles!
This is yet another game you could play on your blog.
Once again, ANSWERS will be posted at: on Sunday!

Here are SIX words with SEVEN letters, each starting with S:

  1. S _ _ _ _ _ _ Hint: 😞😢😭 unhappy
  2. S _ _ _ _ _ _ Hint: An expensive red spice
  3. S _ _ _ _ _ _ Hint: the rescue of a wrecked or disabled ship
  4. S _ _ _ _ _ _ Hint: these have an absorbent, porous body
  5. S _ _ _ _ _ _ Hint: multiply a number by itself
  6. S _ _ _ _ _ _ Hint: 🤔 what you are when you can't figure this out

Or perhaps you prefer a word search?
You'll seek another set of six words with seven-letters starting with S, plus four words relating to the #atozchallenge.

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Pooja Priyamvada said...

I love word games! Thanks for this.
Here from atoz

nashvillecats2 said...

I enjoy word search games. Always a word search magazine in my home.


kaykuala said...

S for Settling on the Plains


Susan Sanderson said...

Word puzzles are great fun; they help with vocabulary and memory.

Frewin55 said...

Good game and I think I have them all. A few more S-words over at

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Fun game! I found English words related but not with 7 letters... Ok, I was much better at the 2nd game ;))
Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Thanks for the great idea, I added one to my today's post ;))

Srivalli Rekha said...

Word games are so much fun.:D

Jayashree (pagesfromjayashree) said...

I love word games ... I think I got 4 of those right

Gonz said...

Word games are always part of a good D&D puzzle. Magic items also. Introducing the Shield of Kaldra:

Cathy Kennedy said...

I'm not too good with word games but I think I solved these easily enough. :) It's time to slink away now. Happy A2Zing, friends!

Speedy and Slowpoke Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

Molly's Canopy said...

Have fun with the S game everyone. Here are a few more S words on Molly’s Canopy

Anne M Bray said...

S_ _ _ _ _ _? Nah!

S is for Self-Portrait Sketches:

The S Shoe:

Trudy said...

I like word puzzles! Especially crossword puzzles.

Thanks to a comment by Zalka Csenge Virág @ The Multicolored Diary on my theme reveal, the post I had prepared for the letter S got scrapped and I wrote this instead:

Movies reflect human needs: Storytelling

Trudy @ Reel Focus

Chapters From My Life said...

Definitely not stupid when it comes to word games.. I am quite good at it. For me the S meant Self love- one thing I never lacked in my life.

Crackerberries said...

Word games are very good for your brain, they help keep muscles in use. I think I might have to try adding one of these to a future post one day.... Hop on over if you get a chance... I'm just Salting the Wounds
Have a great day!

Pr@Gun said...

I love word games a lot, brain crunching exercise.

1. sadness
2. saffron
3. salvage
5. squaring
6. stupid... Nah, not sure

My post for Alphabet S for #AtoZchallenge -

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

Fun word game!

Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge with an A-Z of Faerie: Solitary Fae

Lady In Read said...

love word games... and thank you for this..
my s post - 10 Great Short Poems, & Contenders For the Shortest Ever

2 gators said...

S is for Saiga antelope