Friday, April 30, 2021

Z is for... #atozchallenge

Z is for...Let's find out!

Let’s have some fun! Unscramble these words that start with the letter z:

  1. maoznib
  2. pepriz
  3. mnaiozoa
  4. cihnuczi
  5. tzengis
  6. grneiz
  7. ndoze
  8. imboz
  9. peplsnzei
  10. gzagzideg
  11. liloniearzi
  12. fictionaombiz

We hope you’ve had a great time with the A to Z Challenge! Get ready to write your Reflections about the month. Reflections will be open May 3rd-8th, and then the Road Trip will open on May 10th where you link up to your one favorite post of your own!

Looking forward to seeing you then!

And if you fill out our survey that opens tomorrow, the answer key to today’s puzzle is at the end!


Pooja Priyamvada said...

Thanks for the challenge have passed it on tp my kid who is into word games

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Thank you for hosting another great new edition of the challenge!

Dino said...

And there it is; Z

nashvillecats2 said...

Thanks for this challenge, will attempt it when I'm not so busy.
Have a good day.


Susan Sanderson said...

Those are difficult puzzles - saved for later. It's been a great challenge. I send my thanks to all the A to Z team, participants and supporters.

Frewin55 said...

Phew! Made it! Congratulations and thanks to all the participants in this years challenge and particularly to those ho have visited me. I will be dipping into the Masterlist fo quite some time to come...
Meanwhile, my Z post with lots of pictures, is

Srivalli Rekha said...

Thank you for hosting another year of this wonderful challenge. Congratulations to everyone who attempted it. :)

Jayashree (pagesfromjayashree) said...

I completed it ! Yay!! All A to Z !

Gonz said...

Oh my, as usual, this has been, well... a challenge!

How can we use a Zuran Orb in #DnD? Let's find out!

Crackerberries said...

This is it. The last of the bloggy blog challenge.
What a great idea to do a word scramble and have them all begin with Z.
1. Zamboni
2. Zipper
3. Zoomania
4. Zucchini (I make a great casserole)
5. Zesting
6. Zinger
7. Zoned (hopefully you are not all zoned out after this challenge)
8. Zombie
9. Zeppelins
10. Zigzagged (I should have zagged but I zigged)
11. Zillionaire (wish I was one)
12. Zombification (this happened in a movie I saw “Law Abiding Citizen”… it is a real thing.
And you forgot to add my favorite. Can you figure it out?
Thanks for playing along,
Have a great day!

Cathy Kennedy said...

My brain can't unscramble anything this morning! I have a zenith headache and I doubt I'll get much done until it backs off some. *sigh* Well...we did it, folks! We completed the A-Z Challenge. How about a round of applauds? Now, pat your cyber neighbor on the back and give them an "At a boy or girl" when you leave a comment today. Alrighty, I'm zipping off for now, but I'll see ya next week for the Reflections post. Have a good weekend and thanks for including me in your A2Z fun!

Zonk Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

Molly's Canopy said...

Congrats everyone on completing the A to Z Challenge! My finale Z post is Zip Code scares and Zap: A power outage!

Anne M Bray said...

Scramble? I'm still working on the Scavenger Hunt.
I enjoyed the game theme in the Official A-Z posts this year. Huzzah!

Z is for Zoom Sketching:

The Z Shoe:

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

I'm so tired those scrambled words seemed like they were just a little misspelled! LOL.

Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge with an A-Z of Faerie: Zipping Sprites

Wendy said...

Thanks for another great challenge team.

2 gators said...

Thank you for another great challenge :)

Todays post is on the Zebra Duiker

1. Zamboni
2. Zipper
3. Zoomania
4. Zucchini love zucchini bread
5. Zesting
6. Zinger
7. Zoned
8. Zombie
9. Zeppelins
10. Zigzagged
11. Zillionaire
12. Zombification

Trudy said...

It's April 30 already? We made it! (And the crowd cheers!)

Here's my post for Z: Movies reflect human needs: Zone…get out of it!

Trudy @ Reel Focus

Chapters From My Life said...

I tried the words, and other than two I got all of them. I am great fan of scrabble game.
By the way, my post heading has A Z A Z Add Zest And Zeal to your life.. Thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and I will be ready for another when you announce it.

Janet said...

Thanks for hosting another successful A to Z. You have done an excellent job of supporting us. Now to begin thinking of next year!

Janet’s Smiles

kaykuala said...

Z is for Zany


Lady In Read said...

Love word scramble! so thanks for the puzzles..
And here is my Z post (finally!)
Zip Zap Zooming My Way to Zeugma