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Monday, April 16, 2018

N is for Netiquette #AtoZChallenge

Netiquette is one of my favorite words. It is a combination of "net" and "etiquette", and it sounds rather dainty; it refers to the rules and guidelines of acceptable online behavior. Sometimes it is nebulous, and sometimes it feels like such a thing does not exist at all. Blame that last one on trolls.

In the spirit of generally being courteous to each other in online spaces, and especially while visiting each other during A to Z, here are some nice things you can do for your fellow challenge participants!

1. Write comments with substance. I know we talk about this a lot, but it bears repeating. Instead of saying "nice post!" and running away, pick something in their post that you particularly liked, and highlight it. It shows that you actually read the post, and the compliment is a great ego booster!

2. Follow your favorites. Visits during April are all nice and great, but it shows even more support if you sign up to follow the blogs you really like. Click follow, sign up for updates or newsletters, or pick any other option the blog offers. This way, you can keep up with them after A to Z!

3. Share on social media. If you find a post you loved, or a blog you enjoy, share their social media posts (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.). If they don't have them, copy and past the link and make some noise for them! :)

4. Support your artists. If you love the flash fiction they write, the poems they post, or the things they paint, draw, crochet, design, etc., consider supporting your favorite creative people! Buy the ebook, buy the print, order a T-shirt, or whatever you have the mood and budget for. Or if you can't spend right now, put them on your Wish List. See if someone surprises you :)

5. Leave a link! Please leave a link. I know this is also something we keep repeating, but I'm saying it again, because it breaks my heart every time when someone comments on my blog, and I can't find where they came from to visit them back. Please leave a link! Here is how you do it nicely.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. have a great week everyone! :)

  3. Another week; halfway mark completed too.. and here is my N post featuring 'Number the Stars'

    1. and so totally agree with the netiquette post you have today.

  4. Excellent word for today's prompt and I, especially want to ask others to please, please leave your link in comments because I find quite often someone's log-in or Gravatar profile does not have a blog link associated making it next to impossible to find the commenter. Thanks for co-hosting the annual fun and everyone is invited to stop by my place today!

    Curious as a Cathy
    iPad Art Sketch "N" is for Naptime for Baby

  5. Here's to a great week of A to Z Challenge! Loved the post on Netiquette! Some great tips there!
    Kohl Eyed Me
    Something's Cooking

  6. Now I am thinking about leaving a link-signiture (lignature? Too close to the word ligature!) How interesting, thank you! Happy Monday. Let's see: I am a madashell doctor, a mom, a poet, a blogger and here is today's lignature:

  7. Thanks for the reminders. Lots to do to cross post etc. But having fun!

    Pulp Paper & Pigment-My Fiber Art Blog

  8. I've had some amazing commenters on my blogs thus far!
    Weebly (the website I use) doesn't allow the a href tag to be clickable, but I love that it allows readers to leave their blogs linked to the names. I try to return the favor by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment with my link - but sometimes fighting platforms like wordpress is a beast!

  9. Today's Letter N. Never Ever. A post about things you will never ever do or would you...Find out for yourself. Like would you call your wife fat?

    Never Ever

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. sorry I deleted it ... my link does not seem to work no doubt because of wordpress and/or blogger platform - I don't know. But great post thank you, 'netiquette' - great word. I'm going to try this link

  12. "Don't let your mind wander: it might not be safe from nightmares." Here is my entry for N: "N is for Nightmares", in which I tell you about this iconic MtG monster brought to D&D.

  13. I realise that I fail on many points of Netiquette due to false assumptions about so much - including Links. Thanks for this valuable reminder - must hurry to finish the S post I started at the weekend.

    Oops - the link:

  14. N for Naturally resistant to change


  15. Agree with your tips. Time is the constraint though...

    N for : Nirmala Jhara, Odisha #AToZChallenge

  16. Thanks for the tips. I am spending more time this year than last searching for people's blogs once they have left a comment. Please, leave a link or a URL or the title of your blog.

    Emily In Ecuador

  17. Here is my post for N:


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