Saturday, April 28, 2018

Y is for You! #atozchallenge

If you've made it this far, you should be proud of yourself. You've done something not every blogger has done: posted every day (except Sunday) for a month. You still have today and Monday, of course, but after what you've done so far, you can probably do those with one hand tied behind your back.

Today's a day to celebrate! Get your post done, and have a good one!

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Just one more to go!


Once again Jeremy Hawkins has designed a special T shirt to commemorate this year's challenge.
2018 Blogging from A to Z Challenge T shirts now available!   For info visit A to Z T shirts.



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi John - that's great ... I made it or will do!! and so glad to know Jeremy has designed on of his famous T-shirts ... cheers to all - Hilary

Emily in Ecuador said...

Congrats to you, too, John! With only one more post to write (plus reflections), I'm feeling pretty good.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Emily In Ecuador | Yellow Orb Over Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Anonymous said...

Y is for you, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Y is for YTWL variation

retirementreflections said...

We're almost there! Thanks to Jeremy for the T-Shirt. That is a great idea!

LauraEhlers said...

Can believe I will complete this year!! Ordering my T-shirt soon! Woohoo to everyone!! Thanks for the support!!

Janet said...

Great job everyone!

Janet’s Smiles

Sharon E. Cathcart said...

The Music of David Bowie - Y is for "Yassassin"

Jackie said...

I just saw your neato shirts. I hope I can wear it proudly lol

Roland Clarke said...

Well done, everyone - including the awesome A to Z team. Just one letter left and that could be the tough one...or not, Zebras and Zealots willing.

For now, Y is for Ys:

Charan Deep Singh said...

Y is for Yes and No - The perfect success mantra in the corporate world. Read and get your self help dose for the day. Read Yes and No - The success mantra

Wendy said...

Almost there! Thanks to the Team for all the encouraging posts and great organisation.

kaykuala said...

Y for Yes


Pratikshya said...

Young Author Award Winning Poetry

Anita Sabat said...

Y for You too :)
Y For Bali 'Yatra' - Anita