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Monday, April 9, 2018

H is for our very own Jeremy Hawkins! #AtoZChallenge

As most of the A to Z veterans among you already know, Jeremy Hawkins is the dedicated genius behind the graphics of the Challenge - badges, banners, t-shirts, you name it! Jeremy has been with us right from the start, putting work, energy, and enthusiasm into making A to Z a colorful and fun experience for everyone.

This year, Jeremy is not participating in the daily posting of A to Z, but he still made time to create our graphics. So today, for the letter H, we would like to encourage everyone to go to Jeremy's blog, and say hi! Let's make his day as fun as he made the challenge for us :)

You can also visit his Amazon author page here, and see his designs here. Because he is that versatile a guy!
You can read more about him from previous years here and here.

Have a great day, Jeremy! :)

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  1. Happy Monday! :)

  2. Hi - I"ve been over to Jeremy ... and all the best to all for the rest of the Challenge and a very happy year ahead to one and all - cheers Hilary

  3. Jeremy does an awesome job with the badges. Best wishes to him and all other A-Zers.

  4. Jeremy does great with the annual event graphics. I normally use his work every year but I decided to create my own since my theme is Creating iPad Art Sketches. Y'all are invited to join me for today for the letter 'H'. Happy A2Zing!

  5. great to have this dedicated collective of enthusiasts...thank you

  6. I decided to run an alphabetical monstrorium in my blog. Here is my entry for H: "H is for Hydra", in which I tell you about this creature for D&D and its mythological inspiration.

  7. I really like the graphics this year. Very happy to use the daily letter badges. Thanks, Jeremy!

  8. Thanks Jeremy so much for your contribution re graphics for the A-Z! MUCH appreciated!

  9. Thanks Jeremy for the cool graphics!

  10. From letter H : Holidays that were memorable. Read about my experiences of Mauritius, London, HongKong, Macau, Singapore and Koh Samui
    Holidays that were memorable

  11. Creative Mr.Hawkins! Great badges.
    You would surely appreciate the creative weavers from Odisha. Have shared some of their 'Handloom' designs:
    Handlooms Of Odisha

  12. well I attest :) Jeremy's work is really cool, nice to get to know the creative mind behind the graphics of the challenge.

    Blog: I Will Never Give you UP

  13. Jeremy is an asset to behold. A creative mind is a rare find!


  14. Thanks, Jeremy, for being THE man - great graphics here and out there.

  15. Thanks for sharing this. I am on my way to visit Jeremy's site now!

  16. Love all his designs... I wish he can do mine too... May be one I day will b able to afford his services for my book cover


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