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Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting to Know Your Hosts - Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh

I’m Alex J. Cavanaugh
Founder of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group
Author of Amazon Best Sellers CassaStar and CassaFire
Guitar player extraordinaire
Clones may or may not be involved

And these are my goofy answers!

“Would you ever join a team that was headed off to colonize Mars?”

Would I still have access to the Internet and NetFlix?

“You're house in on fire, assuming your kids, pets, and other living things are safe, what do you grab as you head out the door?”

My guitars. Dear Lord man, you don’t let a Gibson Les Paul burn!

"What rock star would you be?"

John Petrucci from Dream Theater – the man can shred.

"Where do you hail from?"

Well, if I’m hailing a taxi, it would be from the curb. I don’t want to get run over.

"Where do you go to "Get away from it all"?"

My office/man-cave. I have a big screen TV, music, computer, and I’m surrounded by guitars. Add a fridge and a bathroom and I’d never leave.

"Would you rather have your own personal sailing ship or spaceship? What would you name your ship?"

If I had my own spaceship, it would need stealth so I’d have the element of surprise. Therefore, I’d name it the Spanish Inquisition – because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
(And bonus points if you can name the show!)

“Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Why do you think so? Exactly how prepared are you?”

I’ve watched every zombie movie ever made, I’m all about the cardio, and I’ve mastered the double-tap. Game players and movie buffs are the only ones equipped to handle it.

"Name an item that you have too much of."

It’s either movies, music, or guitars. No wait, can never have too many of any of those!

And one serious answer…

"How do you comment - if someone posts 5,6,7 times a week .. once - or 3 times .. then each time or once or twice .. then each time I can't keep up .. but hate not supporting everyone ..."

I suggest clones – they really help.
If someone posts daily, they won’t hate you for skipping one now and then. Even I can’t visit every blogger buddy every single day. (The clones need days off as well, you know!) Those who post more than seven times a week know that some will skip their posts. If you miss a few, it will be all right. That’s why I only post three times a week except during the Challenge. I don’t want to overtax my followers.
Or my poor clones!

Co-host Ninja Captain Alex is the author of CassaStar and CassaFire and his blog can be found HERE


  1. Great answers! And the Monthy Python quote was awesome! ;)

  2. :D Love it! I love where you hail from, Alex! :D

  3. ha! I needed those laughs this morning!

  4. This cracked me up - a great way to start the week. ;)

  5. You movie buffs never cease to amaze me. I'm ever in awe of your energy and support for the blogging/writing community.

  6. Loved your post! It's true, you can never have too many movies or guitars!

  7. Hi Alex .. and mini Alex ... co-host extraordinaire .. you must have fairies dancing around the internet reading and commenting on everyone's blog postings .. are they really cones ... the Zombies must have landed ...

    Cheers for now - Hilary

  8. Zoltan, very good!

    JL, something to be said about spending endless hours watching movies.

    Hilary, I have a whole army of Ninja clones.

    Thanks guys and glad I could amuse!

  9. Wow Alex, that was SO you. I think you know what I mean. I can spot a Monty Python quote from across the room, so you didn't stump me there!

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  10. I'm not clear you or do you not like guitars? ;D As for the zombie thing, I saw a funny cartoon on Facebook that said 'Zombie preparedness: master' and it was a house with treadmills circling it.

  11. I love your fun post! Spanish that, lol
    You know no one has tried to soothe the Zombies-your music may be the key~

  12. Good answers! :) Fun way to start the week.

  13. you are just awesome... seriously.
    i am glad you are out there.

  14. Hey Alex! I enjoyed reading this!!

  15. I think Netflix is everywhere so you can find good entertainment on Mars.

  16. LOL - I think my husband would say the same thing about me and my office.

  17. Love your answers Alex! Very funny good stuff. I like when you share!

  18. Tina, can't fool you.

    JoJo, I'm a musician with a huge collection, so yes!

    Ella, not the tunes I play...

    Susan, good to know.

    Thanks guys!

  19. Hilarious and honest! This was a great post. I almost spewed my coffee on the screen when I read the clones comment. :D

  20. Glad to know more about you; I too only post a few times a week, unless during A/Z of course, not to over tax people.

    LOL with the guitars; my husband would totally understand what you are saying about not having too many of them; I do believe a Les Paul is in his collection too


  21. Alex, I hope you at least warned the wife the house was on fire! Les Paul guitars are worth saving, I agree with that.

    I'd like a femme version of that man-cave. Is that allowed?

    I won't be able to join the A to Z Challenge this year, since I've got a mentoring match lined up, but I'll be cheering on the participants from the sidelines.

  22. Great answers Alex!
    Ha! I knew your responses to question 2 (your Les Paul guitar) and question 3 (JP from Dream Theater) surprises there!

  23. You cant have too many guitars . . . .

  24. You're a good man to have on the A to Z Team!

    I'm fortunate that I have a bathroom right outside the door of my home office. I can get there really fast.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  25. I've decided that you don't have clones in the traditional sense. You're more like the Multiple Man.

  26. Shah, don't spew on the screen!

    Betty, good for him!

    DG, it is allowed. Build your own.

  27. makes -perfect- sense... :)

  28. Hey Alex,

    Yes sir, your wait is over! As you know, the alphabet challenge thrills me to such a euphoric state that I wish to sing, dance, play backup keyboards for Emerson, Lake and Palmer and boogie through the night. Or maybe not.

    Nice to know a bit more about you and your thinking process. Send in the clones. And zombies, ah yes, I shall inform you that this comment was typed in front of a dead studio audience....I think I'd better go...........

  29. Hi, Alex! Great Q & A! Now I know how you are able to be in so many places in the blogging world. Clones! : )

  30. I enjoyed the irreverent tone of the piece. It was nice to read an interview with which the interviewee had so much fun.

  31. Monty Python! Doesn't everyone know that? Love that show. Our children (now about your age) can quote their favorite lines, as well.

  32. Hail from the curb... hahaha. You are a mystery wrapped in an enigma cloaked in a conundrum.

  33. Oh my gosh, how I envy your man-cave!

  34. Monty Python! I loved that show.

  35. I honestly don't know how you still have answers left to give since you've been interviewed so many times!

    Still funny!


  36. Gary - funny!!

    Susan, they should know it!

    Heather, we got to select from a large list and these just seemed to be the most interesting.

  37. Great questions, equally great answers. I have a question, Alex are you camera shy?


  38. LOL, fun answers Ninja Captain!
    Now I want a man cave! No wait, that didn't sound right. I want a mom cave. Ack! That actually sounded worse. No, I want a woman cave. No, no I don't. Uggg. I think I'll just take a large paradise island . . . (;

  39. I'm SOOOOOO wanting a man-cave!! Right now all I have is a man-corner! :)

  40. Now I envision the Cassacave as a den with guitars hanging from the walls in every direction...

  41. Yvonne, yes!

    Elise, one woman's paradise island, coming up!

    DL, that is sad, man...

    Tony, just one wall, but I am working on it!

  42. My son would love your man cave. He has a few guitars too. :)

  43. This was fun Alex, and are you sure you didn't mean the "Bat Cave?"


  44. So your the Blogfather:-) I'm relatively new to blogging, this post was good. I hope to learn a lot during the A-Z Challenge. Providing I get my kinks worked out with my new domain name. Help a girl out G+/Blogger!


  45. Julie, the Bat Cave would be cool as well!

    Hey Lacey! Welcome to the community.

  46. My kids are in their 30s, making me about 60--a darn good-looking young 60. Aren't you in your 30s?

  47. I am still pondering the Spanish Inquisition quote. My potential Man-cave is going to be occupied by a baby soon.

  48. I thught I wanted minions (but my children won't cooperate), but now I see that clones might really be where it's at!

  49. Ahh, Alex! Les Paul was born in my hometown! You would be right to grab your Les Paul on the way out :)

  50. Clones would be great. If only. Looking forward to the challenge.

  51. Ha! I KNEW you had to have a clone or two. There's no way you could get around the Internet as much as you do without them :)

    Oh, and nice Monty Python reference ;P

    Looking forward to the challenge this year!


  52. Thanks for the advice on your commenting strategy. It is difficult to visit so many blogs and comment all the time. Who are your clones and where do you get them? :)

  53. Susan, I'm almost fifty!

    PTM, no!!! Unless that's a good thing...

    Andrea, at least they will be of the same mind.

    Ayjay, that's cool!

    Jen,my secret is out...

    MJ, I have a machine that makes clones. Don't tell anyone.

  54. Your secret is safe with me, Alex:) lol

  55. I love these answers. You definitely would rank as one of my favorite people to hang out with.

  56. Melissa, and you would be fun to hang out with as well!

  57. Hi Alex,
    Revealed more, I think yet to reveal.
    Keep revealing LOL
    Keep inform
    Phil @ Philipscom
    An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina's Life is Good
    And My Bio-blog

  58. Monty Python!!

    I also hail from a curb, but sometimes I hail from the biking lane. Really gets my adrenaline going :D

  59. Yay for Monty! Too funny. I know someone who lost her piano in the fire last summer. I'm pretty sure if faced with it all again, she will find a way to stick her piano in her car. Definitely don't forget the Les Paul!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse


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