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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Never On A Sunday...

I hope you all are relaxing, do you have a plan for the challenge?

I thought it might just be fun to sneak in on this Sunday. This cause their is something in the shadow of next Sunday.

Have a great day!
Jeremy [Retro]

Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!


  1. I'm beginning to get nervous about what I signed myself up for!

  2. No nerves necessary! It's just plain FUN! Do your best, concentrate on the VISITING part, and don't try to make your writing perfect. Remember our goals: community building and relationship building. It's not a writing contest, in fact, it's not a contest AT ALL. It's a like a community parade, where we are out to cheer on the floats, maybe catch some of the candy they throw, and be proud of the float we made, but there's no time to ride ON IT, because of all the cheering.

    I'm into analogies...

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  3. P.S Jeremy, you never fail to surprise and crack me up. Thanks.


  4. Can't believe it's coming up in a week! I have my topic, and blog post headIngs, and have begun to write. Next, this week, I need to post an A to Z Challenge announcement. Haven't been able to do much these last two weeks..I'm on vacation. Homeward bound today!

  5. I keep changing theme ideas, but woohoo, this is going to fun. A-Z challenge, "don't worry I got this":-)

  6. Surely a closed facebook group doing the A to Z is a bit weird or is that just me (Yes OK some do think I'm weird) . . . .

  7. HAH! That's fun. :-)

    I'm doing my blogging for this week, anticipate writing/pre-scheduling my A to Z posts today, over the course of the week, and next weekend, as I'd really like to be free to visit other A to Zers' blogs. I'm crossing my fingers that I can meet all my goals for the week!

  8. Gosh Retro!

    I have a plan for this amazing challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet! :)

    Let's go crazy and check out the alternative, bootleg version of the A to Z...

    Is that a rabbit or am I just um 'splitting hares'?

    Seriously, Jeremy, enjoy the challenge along with the rest of you fine folks.

    Gary :)

  9. I didn't sign up but I do love reading the posts.

  10. Only 3 more patterns to design and make for my crochet blog...I think I can. I think I can. I think I's to meeting tons of new blogging buddies:)

    Nice post, Jeremy!

  11. Everyone ready for the big start?


  12. I have always adored Harvey! And I do have a list of topics for each day of the Challenge...but they are always open for last minute ideas and changes...cause that's just the way I roll. ;o)

  13. I'm almost ready. I should be working right now... but checking in here is much more fun!

  14. My plan was to get as many of the posts done in an advance and keep them relatively short. My theme -- I actually have one this time, which has helped enormously -- is Linda's Rules of Writing, which is more like pearls of wisdom I've learned along the way. I currently have about 18 posts done and already set to go.

    Doing them ahead has really been good for me. Last time, I got about 2/3s through and I couldn't do any more. This time it won't be a problem. In fact, I may have a whole month off blogging.


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