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Friday, March 15, 2013

Have You Scheduled Your #atozchallenge Posts Yet?

Sign up to Reveal Your A to Z Theme!
As A to Z Challenge co-hosts, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to keep our own blogs going while taking care of a whole host of behind-the-scenes activity.

Last two years, I've gone with one blog. This year, I'm being brave and have submitted two, Amlokiblogs, and Daily (w)rite. I know of people who have submitted up to five blogs!

Before we know it, April would be here-- we have less than a month left! Where did all that time go? Seems to me we were just announcing the challenge and the co-hosts in January!

So, how many of your AZ posts are done? And how can you get them done in a way that is relatively quick and painless?

The most important thing, imho, is to decide a theme.

This makes it easier to pre-schedule posts.

For those of us doing the challenge, deciding a theme is half the job done, and if you've done this job, you can showcase it too, before the challenge starts: Mina Lobo has announced the "Big Reveal Bloghop" where we all reveal our themes a week before the challenge: March 21st. So go ahead and sign up and get to know/ renew acquaintances with a few other A to Z participants!

If you have all your A to Z posts done and dusted, and I know a lot of you have got just that, stupendous! Just make sure you spread the comment love. As DL Hammons tell us in his post, this is the one good way to make your blog part of the community!

If you haven't got your A to Z posts scheduled yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. Good advice. Doing ones posts in advance can really free up April for socializing. Get rid of the stress!

    A Faraway View

  2. I've started working on some posts, and hope to get further down the alphabet before April. It will be fun seeing a sneak peek of the co-hosts themes!


  3. I have the majority of them done; need to write 4 more of them and come up with something for X; then I'm "smooth sailing". Hope to wrap it up this weekend!


  4. I have a theme and each day's post planned. I'm not pre-writing because I blog for the exercise of writing once a day. This fits in nicely as I blog six days a week, anyway :)

  5. I have each day's topic figured out, finally! Spent hours yesterday browsing online dictionaries looking for a word for X, asked my husband, and he had an idea right off the top of his head! :P I have a theme for each day of the week, but not the whole month.

  6. I've plotted out my posts, but I don't like to write ahead on these things.

  7. Lee, since I'll be traveling I have all of mine on two blogs figured out. Well, except the X.

    Empty nest insider, I'll give a sneak peek into mine on the 21st.

    That corgi, The X has me stumped too!

    Mark, you're superhuman. I can never write 6 posts a week for all year!

    Jamie, could I ask your husband for self with the X in my theme? I'm So stumped!

    Tony, planning ahead is half the battle won!

  8. I hope to finalize my posts by next week!
    Pre-writing the posts allows for better enjoyment of the challenge.

  9. I really need to do this. I have done the first few, but I'm aiming to do them all in advance. Where did the time go?

    Moody Writing

  10. I have a theme idea, but I like to write everyday for the brain-work.

  11. I have ONE done. A. Figured that was a good way to start. However, I'm way ahead of last year: each letter has been assigned a story, so I can write more on the fly than last year. Co-hosting, which is the best gig ever, is really more time-consuming than you can imagine (though our assistants are getting a taste of it this year...) but my particular tasks are going to be pretty much done BEFORE the madness starts, so even if I have to write during April, I'm better off than last year when I was writing the next day's post at 2 am...
    Definitely doing the theme reveal - what a great idea Mina had.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  12. My posts are all written! I just need to schedule them.

  13. Initially I wanted to get my posts done before the challenge. I've now decided not to do that. Why? Because it takes the fun out of it for me. Last year I wrote each post the day before, and I completed the challenge, no problem. It's fun to see what my brain will come up with for each daily post. My theme last year was monsters and my theme this year is monsters. That doesn't change. This month I've been letting my readers know a bit about me and my exercise routines. But next month it's on to A to Z.

    Jolie du Pre
    Precious Monsters

  14. I don't have a theme per se, but I have got all but a couple of my challenge blogs done which will give me more time to be a Spunky Soldier for L. Diane Wolfe. I also enjoy writing each day, but didn't think I would have enough time to patrol my assigned blogs if I left it to the last minute.


  15. Mine are done and ready to publish! I am part of Tina's Terrific Team and am looking for a job so I needed to have my own blog posts done w/o needing to worry about it.

  16. I'm still fond of "random" as my theme - lets me go wherever the mood strikes. I have 6 or 7 scheduled and 2 or 3 others "under construction". Considering that I am temporarily w/o a right hand , I'd say I am doing okay.

  17. I definitely agree with the advice. The first year I didn't have a theme, and it was much harder than when I do have one. I'm participating with two blogs too and just finished up prescheduling the posts a couple days ago. :)

  18. I wanted to let you know that I am needing to back out of doing the challenge this year...some unforeseen things have came up. I am currently #604 and 605 (B.E. Creative Co., and Brenda Eddy - "It's all good".

  19. I'm signed up for this reveal and finally plotted my posts. Now all I have to do is write them.

  20. Mine are half-written. Won't schedule any until the night before they run since the Ninja News will be included.

  21. The only one I haven't got written is X, which I'm going to be doing sometime later this month or even within April itself. I'm doing a double-theme this year, and had the secondary part of the theme taken care of awhile ago, even for the posts I hadn't written yet.

  22. I have had to write in advance this year and I am up to R and have announced my theme already . . . . .

    Which is

    The Slightly eccentric A to Z blogging adventure of unknown and rather unpopular Modern fairy tales.

    I know it is hardly going to pull in the masses but I'm happy

    Rob Z Tobor

  23. Big reveal blog hop, I'm totally in. My posts aren't quite totally done and scheduled, but I'm close. Last year I was sure to have my first week complete so if I needed time to finish some things up, I had it. Going to sign up for the big reveal now!

  24. I have my posts planned but I've decided not to write them. I have guidlines and some material i want to use but I'll write daily in April.

  25. I am almost decided on a theme and hope to finish writing over the next week. I would have preferred to write during April but I'll be traveling and may or may not have access to internet every day.

    So looking forward to this. I can feel the excitement!

  26. Whoops. Not yet, even though I feel April breathing down my shoulder. No, really, April is my masseuse. Anyway, I have decided on a theme this year, which is something I haven't done the past two challenges. It's going to be about historical things (because I enjoy writing history...from my perspective anyway). Even though they will contain some historical facts, if anyone uses my posts to study for the SAT Judge Smails said in 'Caddyshack,' "The world needs ditch-diggers." I've decided on 'A': Afghanistan. That's about it. I guess I oughta get busy, huh?

  27. Ack! I've only got about 5 written. I have a theme though, so that's good, right? Hoping to get a bunch more written this week.

  28. I am a runner so I may use that as a theme or fitness...not sure yet...

  29. Hi Damyanti .. thanks for popping by my latest post - I'm gathering information .. and have decided on the theme - may just up the ante with some better ideas and data ..

    Should be fun - cheers Hilary

  30. I've got about 10 scheduled now. My theme is Linda's Rules of Writing, which are kind of like Gibbs' Rules from NCIS. They're more pearls of wisdom from experience (and me doing things I probably shouldn't have) rather than traditional rules.

  31. My ad is up and I'm on the role to do the challenge this year. Yahoo.

  32. Well I WAS feeling prepared...eek!

  33. I've only got about 15% of mine done! I need to get working!

  34. I've pre-written my posts up to X on my gardening blog, and am thinking of entering a second blog, but have difficulty deciding on a theme. I'm going to be chicken on the second one - decide on the theme, prewrite a few posts and if it works out, enter the blog at the last minute.


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