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A to Z Ideas: Monday Movie Meme from guest Nicole of Madlab Post

Nicole from Madlab Post
        Stuck for ideas of what to write about during the Challenge in April?   The ideas are everywhere and a number of bloggers have been offering their suggestions based on how they are going to approach this year's Challenge or what they did in years past.   Here's what Nicole from Madlab Post is going to be doing.

The Monday Movie Meme Invasion of April’s A to Z Challenge

      Finding inspiration to blog every day is a challenge alone. This struggle can easily be elevated when you are faced with the task of blogging along the lines of the alphabet. I have found that keeping to a schedule helps minimize the risk of writer's block and blogger burnout all year long. My general blogging schedule includes writing a post every Monday, for the Monday Movie Meme that I co-host with Dale aka Smurfdok at Smurfin' the Web.

Monday Movie Meme History & How it Works

       Dale and I host the Monday Movie Meme, a weekly blogging activity where Participants list and discuss movies that fit the current topic or theme chosen by him or me. If the topic is "What are Your Favorite Best Picture Oscar Winners?" or "The Big Payback: Revenge Flicks", then you would either leave a comment on the host (The Madlab Post or Smurfin' the Web) blog with movies that you can think of that fit that topic or you can write a blog post with your answer, making sure to link to the host and also leave a comment on the host blog with a link to your blog post, in order to participate in that week's Meme.

While a simple list of movie titles will do just fine.... especially for those who do not participate by writing a blog post and only leave a comment with their answers, it's also more fun to write a brief explanation of why you chose a particular film or basically, which characteristics of the film coincides with the Monday Movie Meme topic....if you choose to participate by writing a blog post with your answers. These explanations help other participants who are unfamiliar with any of the films on your list to learn more about the movie and determine whether it is something that they would want to rent or buy on DVD or at the very least, keep a lookout for it on their local TV listings.

Our Monday Movie Meme Plan for the A to Z Challenge

In April, Dale and I are both participating in the 2012 Blogging from A to Z challenge and thus, we are incorporating our Monday Movie Meme topics within the challenge. Each Monday in April, he and I will choose topics based on the current letter of the alphabet that is being covered during the A to Z challenge.

A to Z Challenge Participants are Invited

Bloggers who signed up for the 2012 A to Z challenge are welcome to also participate in the Monday Movie Meme, which offers some structure and motivation to write...a benefit that many of you who are still wondering what to write about may find quite useful...on Mondays, at least. After that, you're on your own. Just kidding. I'm still trying to figure out what to write on other days of the week, myself, so you're not alone. We're all in this together...another reminder of why it's so fun to be a part of the A to Z Challenge. In the meantime, A to Z Challenge bloggers are also welcome to participate in the regular weekly Monday Movie Memes from now until April. If anything, it will allow you to try the memes on for size and get into a routine of blogging on Monday.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good idea!
Movies will play a part in my theme for the Challenge.

Tina said...

Nicole, that's an awesome idea, and so well timed for how close we are to getting this challenge train leaving the station. You've been/are a tremendous asset to the co-host team and if it's up to me to suggest future co-hosts, you'd be on my list. Your comments have been well thought out and very encouraging, and you have ideas pouring from every pore (I said that to someone else last night who fit the was late...don't remember who...but if it was you, then it just goes to show I was right ;-) Anyway! I'd love to join your meme AFTER the challenge. I love movies and talking about movies so it's perfect for me. However, I'm heading into the final lap of preparation, and can't add one more thing or the whole house of cards will crumble.
Tina @ Life is Good
Co-Host of the April A to Z Challenge
Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge
P.S May I please have your email? I've been wanting to respond to comments you've left for others, but you're "no reply comment" thing prevents that from being an easy task. I promise not to sell it or show it or anything. Would just like to talk to you personally. I'm at tndowney at gmail dot com.

PR said...

This is a seriously cool idea :)

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of this but I was wondering, will you be giving some advanced warning of the theme for your Movie Monday Meme?
It would be nice to have a bit of time to prepare potential posts.

Unknown said...

Movies was one I was so close to choosing, then opted out at the last minute to do something more difficult (why the hell did I do that?)

Nicole said...

Alex J. Cavanaugh,

Thanks. I can't wait to read what you have in store for the challenge with regards to movies.


The whole timing of this post is all thanks to Arlee Bird, so I can't take credit for that aspect of this guest post, lol. I am happy to be of help to the co-host team and while I don't recall being the one you mentioned having ideas coming out of every pore, I am truly thankful for that comment today!

You are surely welcome to participate in the Monday Movie Meme as a post-A to Z challenge blogging activity....we surely need all of your cards to stay in place ;)

I will contact you via email this evening.

Anna Smith,

Yes it is a cool idea, indeed and I have so much fun hosting it with Dale aka Smurfdok. I hope that means you'll be taking part in the weekly Monday Memes!

Paul S.

Dale and I post the themes for Monday Movie Memes every week, on Monday. We try to get them up as early as possible, usually in the mornings.

Because of this, it sorta adds a spontaneity aspect to it, which helps participants develop anticipation for each new theme, so advance notice of the themes would probably negate the whole point of the meme.

You are welcome to try it on for size, by participating before the A to Z Challenge, to see if it is an activity that you could swing with!

Jamie Gibbs,

It looks like you had a calling that you could not ignore and that is what makes the A to Z Challenge all the more fun, because of the variety of topics. Because of my filmmaking background and interests, my blog is already centered on movies, so it only makes sense to keep the topic as my "theme" for the A to Z Challenge.

Still, that does not mean you cannot participate in the Monday Movie Meme at any other time outside of the challenge. Dale and I do this thing every week all year long, so the Monday Movie Meme is here to stay, inside and outside of the A to Z Challenge!

Since we're doing the Meme anyway, we just thought that it would be fitting, and maybe less stressful for us if we incorporated it into the A to Z Challenge during the month of April, since both of us signed up for the challenge.

Also, participating in the Monday Movie Meme is NOT exclusive to doing it on your blog. Your participation can be as simple as leaving a comment on The Madlab Post or Smurfin' the Web with your selections for our theme of the week.

See, it's as easy as can be!

The Madlab Post

sdk_2010 said...

I just thought I'd say hi aswell, and thanks for the positive comments so far. I hope that some of you will join in and become regular posters on our memes =) - Dale

F. Stone said...